Fixed: Fortnite Cross-Platform Playback Pools Reorganized



Fortnite has readjusted players' starting groups for a multiplatform game.

By Jessie Wade

Editor's Note and Update: An earlier version of this story incorrectly and incorrectly explained the latest changes to Fortnite's cross-platform game feature. The previous article, mistakenly asserting that cross-play was limited on the Nintendo switch to only work on mobile players, is actually not the case: multiplatform player start groups are those that have been adjusted.

An Epic representative confirmed to IGN our poor reading of the patch notes, noting that the player switching platform can still play and party with players from any other venue. Platform and that no restrictions have been made.

IGN regrets this error and apologizes to our readers for this incorrect information. An updated story follows.

Epic Games revealed in its V8.10 release notes that the starting pools of Fortnite players engaged in multiplatform games had been adjusted.

The cross match will now see the Xbox One and PS4 player pools combined initially, while the Nintendo Switch and mobile players will be combined at first. Players can continue to play with players from any platform – these are only groups of starting players that have been adjusted.

Xbox One and PS4 players must choose to participate in the cross play feature, while those who opt out will be restricted to Design and Playgrounds.

Switch players were previously associated with Xbox One and PS4 games. But Epic said in his notes that he expected "a better average game experience per game for mobile players and Switch players.

Epic has also recently announced its intention to offer a "cancel purchase" button for accidental purchases in the game, which can be retracted within 5 minutes.

"We do not want to add friction to players, nor take advantage of accidental purchases or regret from players," said Daniel Vogel, vice president of engineering at Epic.

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