Flores: "There is no trade in place" for Laremy Tunsil


As we get closer to the start of the regular season, the rumors surrounding Jadeveon Clowney continue to turn.

The latest rumors circulating between Clowney and Miami include the left Dolphins, Laremy Tunsil, a large draft pick and maybe more.

After Thursday's pre-season game against the New Orleans Saints, coach Brian Flores dismissed the gossip.

"There is no trade up for him," said Flores after the match regarding Tunsil's trade rumors, via the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

Flores' answer is not exactly an emphatic "Not a chance."

One of the best left-wing young strikers in football, it is not surprising that the Houston Texans are trying to get Tunsil from the Dolphins as part of a possible trade exchange for Clowney. How dolphins would come out by exchanging their most talented player remains a question without a satisfactory answer.

The offensive line of the Dolphins is already a disaster. Remove the best player, and he collapses on himself like a baby star who has never had a chance to cast light in the cold darkness of space.

Negotiating Tunsil would also mean in the locker room that the Dolphins are in full reconstruction mode and play the rope in 2019. Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald went so far as to quote an unidentified player who stated that the "Dolphins players" " revolt "if Tunsil was traded.

Prepare for a potential uprising in South Beach.

The Dolphins are 25 years old and are under contract for the next two seasons at a great price. Given the NFL's shortage of tackles, would Miami be willing to part with one of the young studs in the making? Trade Tunsil and they could end up in the same situation in Houston in a few years. Also, how do the Dolphins hope to evaluate their quarterback situation behind an offensive line without tunsil?

Even if there is "no exchange in place", as Flores says, and that none materializes, it can not be good for the relationship between Miami's management and its best young player, the willingness of the team to consider moving on to have become public.

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