Florida Georgia Line on her accidental hymn in the country of the 90s


by Samantha Stephens

13h ago

Have you had the chance to spend time with the brand new Florida Georgia Line album? I can not say I'm not a country? If it's not the case yet, get ready to hear something different from the boys.

Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard went one step further, returning to the glorious era of 90s country music.

Which is quite logical if one thinks of the time when boys became adults. Influences such as Garth Brooks, Clint Black, Kenny Chesney and more dominated the airwaves with classical songs, melodies and lyrics. And although these same types of songs make up the majority of FGL's new album, Hubbard admits that this tribute was almost accidental, even cosmic.

"It's not something we've necessarily done on purpose," Tyler Hubbard told CMT.com. "I think on the recording process of this album in the last 18 months, we were really attracted to these songs, those that were a bit more on the country side. As we progressed in the studio, these songs did not stop us from releasing other songs from the album. Certainly more than half of the album is a great country. We are really excited about it. "

"It feels good, we believe at the right time," he added. "It's rewarding to show people what we are and the music we grew up on. We have always said that our influences are everywhere, which is really true. We grew up listening to everything, but we were influenced by the Alan Jackson, the Allman Brothers, even Brooks and Dunn, Tim McGraw, all the classics. The guys we grew up listening to, that kind of homage pays them a lot of tribute.

"We really hope this album makes these guys proud."

Oh, I'm good. You know it's okay.

And while it's a bit of a creative change from the duo's recent records, it's by no means a musical departure. Hubbard and Kelley have always been well balanced in their catalog, revealing some underlying musical trends. Sometimes it's pop, even hip-hop. Actually this time, the blue twang of the country music of their childhood is in the center of the stage.

"It's good, it has to go, you know?" Kelley said. "In baseball, they have a player with five tools: someone who can run, hit, throw, field – we have always tried to be chameleons in the studio and in the hall. the writer when we create it depends on the song and how we can give our turn, our tone and our voices that are authentic to who we are.I do not think we are limited by anyone or whatever, but it's great that this sound is focused on the record. "

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And do not be discouraged by thinking that they have completely abandoned their old habits. From the caustic and casual groove of the title track to the sexy swinging of songs like "Talk You Out Of It" and "Women" (starring Jason Derulo) up to the hilarious discussion tracks of Brother Jervel, I can not say I'm not a country is a delectable sampler of everything we know and love about boys.

There is even a duet with Jason Aldean.

"The way to GFL is to have something for everyone and to take risks," Kelley said. "Creating our own sound and making sure our record does not sound like the others, is to let people chase us and not the other way around."

So do they have a favorite song of the project?

For Hubbard: "It depends on that day. "Y'all Boys". This one just came out, I love this song. It's a jam. "

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As for Kelley: "'Told You' is a beautiful song. I found myself listening to this mix again and again and singing in my head. I really liked singing on that one. I think the song is super strong. It's a sound so different and familiar to our fans. I think they'll say, "Oh, fuck! Can they do that too?

I can not say I'm not a country is now available.

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