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A Florida man was arrested for threatening prominent Democrats, Cory Booker, Rashida Tlaib and Eric Swalwell.

According to a criminal complaint filed by the US District Attorney's Office in the South Florida District, John Kless, 49, telephoned the phone to talk about gun control, immigration, gays, blacks and Muslims, including Congressman Ilhan Omar, who has been the subject of aggressive criticism by Donald Trump.

Kless specifically mentioned the assassination of elected officials. He was accused Friday of making communication threats, the US lawyer said.

The arrest took place a week after Trump, following controversial remarks from Omar by a number of Republican politicians and media representatives, tweeted a video mounted selectively in which it was claimed that he had ignored the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The president has been widely criticized for inciting violence against a US elected official.

With Tlaib, Omar is one of the first two Muslim women sent to Congress. American of Somali origin arrived in the United States in her childhood, she is the first person to wear a hijab in the House.

Two weeks ago, a New York man who claimed to support Trump was accused of threatening to kill Omar.

Last weekend, Omar said that she had experienced a surge of death threats.

On Tuesday morning, Kless called the Swalwell offices in Washington, a representative of California; Tlaib, a representative of Michigan; and Booker, a senator from New Jersey. He left vocal messages loaded with blasphemy for everyone, said the complaint.

Swalwell, who is white, and Booker, who is black, are candidates for the presidency.

"The day you come after our guns, bastard, it's the day you'll be dead," Kless said in his message to Swalwell, the US lawyer said. Swalwell has focused his campaign on gun control.

Kless would also have said, "You are going to die. You will be your death bastard with all the other Democrats. So if you want a dead bastard, keep it up.

Ilhan Omar: Congressman receives death threats after Trump 9/11 tweet – video report

According to the complaint, Kless's messages to Tlaib and Booker seemed to refer to the video shared by the Trump and Democrats' response.

"You absolutely must not tell our president, Donald Trump, what to say," Kless said in his message to Tlaib, officials said.

Tlaib responded quickly to Trump's tweet, l & # 39; writing: "Too much is too much, more silence, with [the New York] Trump taking Ilhan's words out of context to incite violence towards him, it's time for [Democrats] speak. Clearly, the GOP goes well with this shameful cascade, but we can not stay next. "

According to the complaint, Kless called Tlaib "Taliban" and Omar "towel head" and said about Omar: "You know what, she is lucky to receive only death threats. You are too. D & # 39; right? You're lucky, these are just threats, bastard. "Because the day the bell rings, damn, and this country goes to war, there will be no more threats."

He would have added that there were "millions of us who hated you, motherfuckers, what you did on September 11" and to have used racial terms in reference to the word "mother". former President Barack Obama, who, according to him, was a Muslim.

Investigators found the phone number of Kless, who lives in Tamarac, Florida, the complaint said. A spokeswoman for the US prosecutor said some of Kless's weapons had been seized. He appeared in court Friday and was released on bail, subject to a GPS monitor and a curfew.

In February, US Capitol police investigated Kless about a message left to Democrat House president Nancy Pelosi. According to the complaint, the message concerned "Congress took away his arms, abortion, illegal immigration and Muslims in Congress." It was unclear what action had been taken, if any.

Last week, Pelosi asked the Capitol Police to review the security measures taken for Omar.

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