Florida Man googles yourself to find out which man he is in Florida


ORLANDO, Florida (AP) – It turns out there is a "Florida man" in all of us.

A new challenge for social media is to allow people to find out which version of "Florida Man" they are basing on their birthdays.

"Florida Man" has become an abbreviation for a unique idiocy extracted from Sunshine State's incessant stories about stupid people, usually armed with weapons, drugs, alcohol or reptiles.

The challenge asks people to run their birthday and "Florida Man" in a search engine to find out what title "Florida Man" appears. Then, as with all good things, they have to post the answer on social media.

The challenge has become a social media sensation, which is not surprising since the idea of ​​"Florida Man" has made its way into the national consciousness with the @_FloridaMan Twitter account.


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