Florida teenager rescued after being trapped in abandoned trunk

The rescuers released a teenager trapped in an abandoned safe in Hollywood, Florida.

According to Hollywood Fire Rescue, two teenagers were walking through a vacant office building that housed a former Bank of America branch in the area of ​​State Route 441 and Washington Street around 1:30 pm Wednesday.

"I found myself trapped there. He and his friend were playing, "said Pat Keller, chief of the Hollywood Firefighters' Aid Battalion. "In a way, they had access to this abandoned building."

One of the teenagers, aged 17, decided to enter the bank safe, but the door closed behind him.

The teenager's friend called 911 about two hours later, according to the emergency services.

"The vault is about 14 feet by 14 feet, and the concrete walls are about 2 feet thick and have a huge steel door," said Keller, "about the same thickness."

A tactical team worked with a trunk specialist to release the teenager. Officials told 7News that steel rebar bars prevented saws from cutting concrete.

At one point, a Bank of America employee from the branch opposite gave the suit to the safe, which allowed them to free the teenager without having to break through the steel door.

The teenager was released from the safe just before 5pm. The two teenagers were later seen entering a car with a parent.

It is not known if teenagers will face charges.

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