Followed by "Captain Marvel" for opening a strong box office in China


The anticipation continues to rise with only a week before the first adventure of Marvel Studios, with Captain Marvel set to soar in theaters.

The follow-up of the new film reaches a new high thanks to figures from the Chinese box office, which currently open to an opening that could be up to that of Captain America: Civil War.

The excitement of the new entry into the Marvel Film Universe continues to intensify as some circles continue to be grumpy on the Internet. When the first trailer and the first images reached the public, a criticized actress, Brie Larson, blamed her husband for not smiling enough, which is a ridiculous complaint in itself.

Larson herself responded to critics during an interview with Yahoo !, explaining that she had not been eliminated by the supposed "kickback".

"It's just a description of the female experience, it's just that, it did not bother me so much when I saw it was the reaction [on social media]that's how it happens, "explained Larson.

Captain Marvel Co-director Anna Boden also said it was a deliberate choice for the film.

"It's always been in the script and it's not uncommon for women to hear.I think you'll ask any woman in this room and [she’s heard comments like,] & # 39; Oh, do not be so sad. & # 39; It's a very common thing to hear as a woman, so it does not surprise me at all that it's happening in social media. I think a lot of women can understand this moment. "

Captain Marvel has been at the center of some controversy over outrage, as some users have also flooded the audience anticipation rankings of Rotten Tomatoes in order to vote against the fact that they do not want to see the film. Keep in mind that Captain Marvel If more users had participated in these votes compared to other films, then there is a campaign of votes in the hope of punishing a movie they have not seen, regardless of their value .

In one way or another, Captain Marvel will premiere at the cinema next week on March 8th. And if the current follow-up lasts, no matter how many people are taking up Mad Online ™.


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