Football news – Klopp attempts to divert the attention of his defeat by claiming "butchers" – Tuchel – Champions League 2018-2019 – Football

The boss of Liverpool said he had the feeling that the Parisians made his team look like that of "butchers" in their 2-1 defeat at Parc des Princes on Wednesday.

"Two times in a row, we won the Fair Play Award in England and tonight we look like butchers after the yellow cards we had," said Klopp, whose team had been selected at six times.

" It was clever of PSG, especially Neymar, but a lot of other players fell as if it was something serious and we were no longer so calm."

But his counterpart, Tuchel, believes the Liverpool manager is trying to distract his team, who must now defeat Napoli in his last group match to have a chance of reaching the last 16.

"I did not feel that it was a big problem, we had five extra minutes, we suffered a lot of mistakes," said the German.

"You do not have to make a mistake if you have a goal less and you make 10 fouls in five minutes."

"You think it 's the other way around in a crucial match like this? I've never lived it the other way, the team has to hurry up so that everyone has the chance to make an equalizer.

Tuchel then explained that he thought Klopp was trying to cope with the pressure of his team after the defeat in Paris. He added:

" When I lose big games, I get angry and sometimes I talk about things just to draw attention to something else and move it away from my team."

"I'm doing that too but it's not my problem.You'll have to ask Jurgen that and I heard that he had his opinion on it and that's fine. I'm talking about the game. "

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