Football: The State of Ohio's quarterbacks prove promising, but lack consistency during the spring match

On April 13, quarterback Sophomore Justin Fields (1) took the field in the first half of the 2019 spring match. Gray defeated Scarlet 35-17. Credit: Casey Cascaldo | Photo Editor

Sophomore Justin Fields and Redshirt rookie Matthew Baldwin exchanged their last spring strokes during the quarterback battle on Saturday, although the "shots" were rare.

Fields made less than half of his shots, but showed excellent running ability, while Baldwin held up better in the air in terms of footage and completion percentage, but launched two interceptions and recorded a fumble.

"They both blinked at times, always a work in progress," said head coach Ryan Day. "I thought that they sometimes gave a chance to some recipients."

Both athletes said that their full potential was achieved.

The field was tied to wide receiver wide Binjimen Victor for a 98-yard touchdown in the second quarter. The pass covered a distance of 40 meters and was thrown directly onto the right-hand line directly into Victor's arms above the dipped corner half Lloyd McFarquhar.

This was done a few times after Fields demonstrated its potential in terms of race by beating Team Scarlet's defense for an optional five-yard touchdown run.

"I feel that I have only scratched the surface," said Fields. "I know I can be better, I have done better at training, of course, there is always room to improve so I will continue to work."

Baldwin himself made a solid pass into the end of the end zone in front of rookie wide receiver Garrett Wilson, and finished the passer more accurate, connecting to 20 of his 36 pass attempts.

Inconsistencies persisted in a number of Baldwin throws. A 40-yard pass to senior Redshirt senior catcher K.J. Hill was upset even though he had been caught. Another bullet for Wilson was released some time later.

Without mentioning the two interceptions, the one thrown behind the young recruit Jaelen Gill and the other badly advised in a double cover.

"I thought Matthew had two nice shots on the field," said Day. "We have returned the ball, thrown it at them, which is good for the defense."

While Fields probably had the best pass of the day on Victor's touchdown, one in four out of 13 left something to be desired.

The deafening design of the spring game also limited what he could do on the field, but Fields finished with 38 yards running, including 30 on a game and score.

"Sometimes it's difficult when you're not in a tackle situation, it's a bag, is not it," said Day. "Justin, he can create a little on the edge, did not have the chance to see that much."

Baldwin never took part in a college party and Fields did not start in any of its parts. Consistency takes sophistication, and Day recognizes that two-quarters are still new to college play.

This greenery probably contributed to the many difficulties of Saturday in the game of the passes.

"It's one thing to say it, to see it on film, it's another to do it at 7 to 7 when there is no rush, and that when there is rush," said Day . "There is nothing that replaces the experience. The more these guys have the chance to play and run the offensive, the better. "

Two quarters will try to continue to improve before the fall. Day says the competition is still open.

"I do not really know for the moment [who the leader is]Day said, "I do not think for the moment that we're going to make a decision on this, I think it's going to continue during the pre-season.

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