For Carlos Ghosn, a shot in the early morning increases the pressure


"I said," You do not have the right ", and they replied:" It's Japan. "

Mr Ghosn was taken to prison about an hour after the arrival of the authorities, according to a spokesman for the Ghosn family.

"He wanted to take a book, but they said," No books, you're not allowed to have one, "Ms. Ghosn said.

"He wanted to take a piece of chocolate with him," she added, "and they did not leave it."

Ms. Ghosn said that even though she did not expect an arrest early in the morning, she thought that another might be a possibility. Ghosn recorded a statement summarizing what he planned to say at the April 11 press conference, according to the lawyers for Ghosn and Ghosn. It is not known when this recording could be published.

Her time in prison was difficult for the auto executive, said Ms. Ghosn. She said that he had been too weak when he was released to hold a press conference.

"He lost 10 pounds," said Ghosn. "He was weak. I would sit with him from time to time, and he would fall asleep while we talked. "

In the weeks following his bail, Ghosn spent his days at his court's attorney's office and home evenings, Ghosn said.

Mr. Ghosn is "devastated," she said. "He is afraid. He's worried about me, "she says through her tears.

Despite everything, she said, "He went out with his head up."

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