For the second time in 5 years, Man Shoots Intruder. This time, fatally



Over a period of five years, Charles Sweeney fired on two potential burglars who had entered his Oklahoma property. The last shot was fatal. On Tuesday morning, police said Donald Stovall crawled to Sweeney's house through a bathroom window. During a clash that followed, Sweeney shot Stovall, reported Fox News. "He brought this on himself, I have no sympathy," said Sweeney (spelled differently by Sweeny) to Fox 23 after the incident. "He came inside my house and I did not know if he had a weapon and I thought my life was in danger, I shot him and I do it again," he said. he added to News on 6. Sweeney was found in a similar situation in October 2013, but with less deadly consequences.

In this incident, Sweeney came back from a walk to find two intruders inside his house; he shot several times at one of them, seriously injuring him. The two burglars pleaded guilty to charges in this case, and the man shot by Sweeney is currently in jail. "It looks like an elderly person … a person lives here who can not defend themselves," Sweeney told KJRH at the time. "Well, wrong." In the latest shootings, the police interrogated Sweeney and released him, but the investigation continues, according to News 9. The Tulsa Police Department said people have the right to defend themselves at home. (Another man said he feared for his life in this controversial shootout.)


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