Ford Develops Clear N95 Masks, Inexpensive Air Filtration Kit In Battle Against COVID-19


Ford’s #FinishStrong campaign is shifting into high gear as the company will use the Super Bowl to encourage people to hide and stay strong during the continuing coronavirus pandemic.

As part of that effort, the company will run regional Super Bowl ads in coronavirus hotspots in Florida, Texas and southern California. The automaker will also run ads in Michigan and Missouri, where they have “a high concentration of employees who cannot work from home.”

Two different ads will air, but they will be familiar as the 30-second spot is the same #FinishStrong ad that ran last year. It will be a new 60-second commercial that is largely the same, but has additional footage of events we missed due to the pandemic. This includes weddings, concerts, graduation ceremonies, and of course, football matches.

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In other news, Ford has unveiled N95 respirators that are clear. Offered as inexpensive and reusable, the masks will allow other people to see your face.

Besides the obvious social benefits, the masks will allow people with hearing loss to lip read. This is practically impossible with current masks, which block a person’s mouth.

Ford has received patent pending approval for the masks and testing of their effectiveness continues. However, if all goes according to plan, the transparent respirators will be available this spring.

Ford has also developed air filter box ventilation kits, designed to complement an existing room filtration system to further reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

The kits are quite basic as they consist of an “easy to assemble die-cut cardboard base, 20 inch fan, and 20x20x4 air filter with a standard minimum efficiency ratio value of 13.” The fan sits on top of the filter and base, and draws unfiltered air from the top. It then exhausts clean air from the bottom.

The kits are designed for use in enclosed spaces such as classrooms and modeling has shown that they “reduce the risk of breathing contaminated aerosols”. Efficiency depends on the size of the room, but Ford noted that an average-sized classroom – 960 square feet (89.2 square meters) – with two portable air purifiers can “triple the renewals.” air per hour compared to what a building HVAC system alone would clean, refreshing the air 4.5 times per hour. “

Ford plans to donate up to 20,000 air filtration kits and the automaker also plans to donate 20 million additional masks to bring their total to 120 million in total.

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