Ford Mustang electric crossover range: 370 miles


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Ford has dropped a juicy detail on its much anticipated but still unnamed electric crossover, inspired by the Mustang, claiming it will offer a range of 370 km by 2020.

This sounds impressive, but keep in mind that these numbers are based on the European WTLP cycle and are still preliminary. The official numbers are close to the date of sale, and the numbers may well be lower in the US according to EPA tests. The company has already indicated that it was targeting a range of 300 miles.

As part of an event in Amsterdam, the automaker has unveiled 16 electrified models for the continent, most of which under the new Ford Hybrid brand. The company announced earlier this year that all its future nameplates would include electrified variants.

Ford unveils for the first time an innovative and athletic Puma crossover

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Ford unveils for the first time an innovative and athletic Puma crossover

The new plate is named after Puma, a compact crossover that Ford revealed in a photo on Wednesday. Wrapped in a laser beam screen, we can see a compact and athletic crossover carrying what Ford calls headlights mounted on the tops of the wings. This is the same crossover based on the Fiesta that we showed you in the form of a camouflaged mule earlier this year, intended to sneak between the Kuga, the European version of the Ford Escape, and the EcoSport, with the Edge and the larger Explorer PHEV format rounded out the SUV lineup.

The Puma will use the same integrated belt starter / generator that Ford introduces in its European Fiesta Hybrid and Focus Hybrid models to recover energy from braking and skidding and store it in a 48-volt air-cooled battery. Like these other models, the system integrates with a low-friction, 1.0-liter, three-cylinder EcoBoost engine for instant torque and output power of approximately 153 horsepower. Ford also boasts the Ute's flexible rear cargo space of 16.1 cubic feet.

It will be built at Ford's assembly plant in Craiova, Romania. There are no immediate words on any project to introduce it to the United States, but since compact crossovers are all the rage, they are not impossible.

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