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Forecast D.C .: summer heat, humidity and storms in the middle of the week


Somewhat subjective evaluation of the time that he will do on the day, on a scale of 0 to 10.

7/10: The number is falling thanks to the end-of-day storms, but overall should be a decent day for dads, though warmer and wetter.


Today & # 39; hui: Wetter, PM storms are possible. Tops: about 85-90.

Tonight: Muggy with thunderstorms likely evening. Low: low in the mid-70s.

Tomorrow: Hot and humid. Afternoon likely. Tops: Nearly 90.

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Happy Father's Day to all my patriarch colleagues from the CWG country! Fortunately for all of you, our weather should not spoil outdoor projects unless they are for later in the day. Overall, however, we are entering a warmer, wetter climate, with a daily risk of showers and storms until the middle of the week. That's about what you expect for June here.

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Today (Sunday): A partially sunny sky allows to spend a relatively pleasant morning, while the temperatures rise in the 70s and reach 80 with possibility of a light shower at noon. But we will begin to feel the heat with afternoon highs reaching around 85-90 with notable humidity. And then we could see a line of organized storms develop in the late afternoon in the evening, some of which could be loud to severe. Winds are southwest around 10-15 mph. Trust: Medium-High

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Tonight: Thunderstorms seem likely during the evening and they could be strong to severe, although not everyone is sure to see one. Otherwise, a few lighter showers are possible during the night, the depressions only going down in the 70s, with generally cloudy skies and light winds. Trust: Medium-High

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Tomorrow (Monday): There should be enough fractures in the clouds so that the heat warms nicely all morning, with peaks reaching 90 afternoons and high humidity. With a stationary front dropping north, another series of showers and thunderstorms is expected to unfold in the late afternoon in the evening. Heavy showers are possible with all the storms that develop in this stale air mass, so we will monitor the potential for localized floods. Trust: Way

Tomorrow evening: The risk of a storm continues throughout the evening and perhaps even until the next day. We will call this another hot and sticky problem, with a generally cloudy sky, like the lowest in the 70s. Trust: Way


I would have liked to be able to tell you something different as we move towards the middle of the week, but with the frontal limit decreasing nearby, we have more identical things Tuesday and Wednesday. The two days are characterized by partly sunny or cloudy skies, hairless peaks in the 80s and good chances for afternoon and evening thunderstorms, with a growing risk of flooding. The nights do not change much either, with heavy minimums in the 70s. Trust: Way

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