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Forecasts D.C .: Mixed precipitation and snow are probably late evening in early morning

The NAM model predicts northern district snow early Friday and melted snow south.

9:30 am – Winter Weather Report issued

The National Meteorological Service has issued a winter weather forecast for the area from 10pm tonight until 10am Friday. The notice does not include the counties of St. Mary's and Stafford, where there is little or no snow accumulation. The meteorological service expects to receive between 1 and 3 inches of snow and slush in the immediate area of ​​Washington and between 2 and 4 inches in the northern suburbs. We think that these numbers could be very high and will publish our own forecast of accumulation around 11 o'clock.

(National Meteorological Service)

Original message from 5 hours


Somewhat subjective evaluation of the time that he does on the day, on a scale of 0 to 10.

6/10: I say, a sunny and cool day suits, but a snowy night is a growing fear.


Today & # 39; hui: Rather sunny and windy. Tops: 42 to 46.

Tonight: By increasing the clouds, with snow or mingle after midnight. Bottom: 28 to 32.

Tomorrow: The snow comes out early. Then cloudy. Tops: from 37 to 43.

See it current weather at the Washington Post.


Enjoy the sun today because there may be few things on the weekends. The snow potential increases for the night and Friday, while a weak disturbance is growing in the area. Some accumulation is possible, especially from the northern district. The weekend is cloudy, and the rain and / or snow will probably be Sunday.

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Today (Thursday): The sunny skies are pleasant, but a north wind of 10 mph makes the peaks of the mid-40s less comfortable. Clouds should start filtering late in the afternoon from the west. Trust: high

Tonight: Clouds increase rapidly in the evening and snow or mixed precipitation may begin to fall around midnight or shortly thereafter. It is possible that snowfall can accumulate quickly and, despite some initial fires, they could accumulate, even on the roads. We will post our accumulation map later this morning, but a first reasonable estimate is one to three inches to the north and west of the Beltway and a coating up to two inches elsewhere, where mixed precipitation is expected to decrease. The overnight lows are in the top 20 to 30, with a light breeze from the northeast. Trust: Way

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Tomorrow (Friday): It is likely that the snow will decrease rather early in the morning, but the clouds will remain in place throughout the afternoon, accompanied by an uneven drizzle. The highs go from north to north at 30 in the city and south. The breeze is always very light. Trust: Way

Tomorrow evening: Some additional showers, possibly mixed with snow, may form, but will be very light and additional snow accumulation is very unlikely. Light winds from the northeast prevail, with troughs in the mid-thirties. Trust: Lower average


Saturday cloudy remains, and a few drops of rain are always a risk, especially in the morning. The ups should have trouble reaching the middle of 40 years. The night falls from the lowest in the upper part of the twenties to very low, with some breaks in the clouds late at night. This is almost the only chance to see the last moonlight with Venus, Saturn and Jupiter in the eastern skies of dawn. Trust: Way

Clouds increase rapidly Sunday in the morning, and precipitation will probably begin to fall in the afternoon. The exact trajectory of the storm is still very unstable and, as such, the type of precipitation is also very unstable. A longer runway to the west and north would mean more rain, but a track to the south would lead to more snow. The daily maximums are about 40 to 45. At night, rain and / or snow are likely to continue as temperatures eventually drop below freezing as precipitation drifts away. The best snow chances on Sunday afternoons and nights are our colder north and west suburbs. Trust: Low

On Monday disappears rapidly as strong northwesterly winds bring much colder, drier air into the area. A powerful air infiltration in the Arctic arrives and may remain a big part of the week. Highs are only in the 30s. Trust: Way


A daily assessment of the potential of at least an inch of snow in the coming week, on a scale of 0 to 10.

7/10 (): The chances of snow have increased for the night from Thursday to Friday, but some have decreased for Sunday.

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