Formal: 76 revealed as the last skin of the Storm Rising Overwatch event

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Another brand new Overwatch the skin was revealed from the upcoming event of the game.

Formal: 76 is the new legendary skin to join Overwatch later this month as part of the Storm Rising event. "Save the medals, I got my account," says the manager Overwatch The Twitter account wrote. "Commemorate your glory as FORMEL: 76 (legendary)."

Overwatch on Twitter

Save the medals, I got my account. ?️ Commemorate your glory as FORMAL: 76 (Legendary)! Chase the truth: April 16th ?

As its name indicates, this skin gives Solider: 76 a very official look. He wears what appears to be a military outfit with some pins and medals.

Formal: 76 joins several other themes revealed by the Storm Rising event, including Talon Baptist, Clown Junkrat, Scientist Moira, Deadlock McCree and High Roller Wrecking Ball.

The Storm Rising event will be live from April 16 to May 6.

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