Former Lions star Calvin Johnson approved for the sale of marijuana for medical purposes in Detroit


Since his abrupt retirement from the NFL after the 2015 season, Calvin Johnson has made it clear that he do not miss playing football. Now, we could have another idea why.

It appears that the former receiver of the Detroit Lions worked behind the scenes to start his own medical marijuana business in the suburbs of Detroit. And as the Associated Press reported on Thursday, the Pro Bowler, six times more advanced, is about to do so, with the Michigan Medical Marijuana Licensing Board granting Johnson early approval of a clinic.

The council voted 4-0 Thursday in favor of Johnson's request, by the AP. With his wife Brittney, the former All-Pro Wideout has already registered for a business at Bloomfield Hills called Michigan Community Collective. According to an information, a previous request was denied to Johnson in December, alongside former Lions and Seattle Seahawks offensive lineman, Rob Sims, because of minor infractions and "problems with the houses that Sims owns in the suburb of Dearborn ".

Traffic tickets have since been resolved, said Johnson's spokesman at the AP, paving the way for marijuana by "Megatron".

Johnson is not the first former NFL player to enter the game of marijuana for medical purposes. Long-running Miami dolphins – and Ricky Williams announced a cannabis-based wellness brand in 2018. Former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahom, for his part, teamed up with Williams for promote the Gridiron Cannabis Coalition.

Johnson retired after nine seasons in the NFL, putting an end to his career with the 29th most successful goal in league history. Ranked second overall by the Lions on Georgia Tech in 2007, he broke the NFL record for yards in one season (1,964) and recorded more yards in his first nine years than anyone else in the world. except for Torry Holt and Jerry Rice.


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