Former NFL player Kellen Winslow Jr. convicted of three counts of indictment


The jurors acquitted Winslow of a second charge of lustful conduct during the fifth day of deliberation at the San Diego County Superior Court, according to a video of the proceedings in court.

The jurors were stalled over the remaining eight counts facing Winslow and continue to deliberate, according to the images of the hearing room.

Winslow, 35, had pleaded not guilty under three counts of rape, rape of an unconscious person, forced sodomy, kidnapping for specific crime and forcible copulation, all of the crimes.

He has faced charges of aggravated crime, willful cruelty to an elderly person, violence against a senior and two counts of obscene behavior.

The charges lasted sixteen years, beginning in 2003, with allegations that Winslow, then aged 19 and destined for the University of Miami, allegedly raped a 17-year-old unconscious teenager, according to court documents.

Other charges stem from a series of incidents that occurred in 2018, according to prosecutors.

According to several reports, Winslow said the charges were "a seizure of money".
The former first-round pick and the highest paid member of the NFL were arrested in June 2018 at his home in Encinitas, California, in June 2018. He was released the following month after posting a bond of $ 2 million, reported CNN affiliate KUSI.

A judge canceled his bail in March after the police accused him of obscene conduct involving a 77-year-old man, according to prison records. He was charged with obscene conduct for a February 13 incident and again for a February 22 incident involving the same woman. In the latter case, Winslow was also charged with assault and cruelty to an elderly person.

Winslow was chosen No. 6 in the 2004 NFL project. He spent four years with the Cleveland Browns before playing for the Buccaneers, the New England Patriots and the New York Jets in Tampa Bay.

He is the son of the former tight member of the San Diego Chargers, Kellen Winslow.


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