Former Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy faces officials after a Green Bay Notre Dame – Pulaski men's basketball game Tuesday.
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GREEN BAY – Mike McCarthy was not an NFL coach this year, but that did not stop him from being penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct.

The former Green Bay Packers coach is at the center of a sporting incident just after a WIAA Division 2 men's regional basketball game between Green Bay Notre Dame and Pulaski on Tuesday night at Pulaski High School.

McCarthy, whose son-in-law is a second-class guard for the Tritons, came out of the stands and followed the officiating crew for a dozen steps. He sent back a very busy complaint to express his dissatisfaction after the loss of 67-66 of Notre Dame.

McCarthy contacted Notre Dame officials Wednesday to apologize for the incident.

"Our Lady Academy is founded on the values ​​of faith, respect, responsibility, service and trust," said Sports Director Steph Mathu in a statement released by the school. "The behavior shown by the parent in the Tuesday night match is unacceptable at sporting events and does not reflect our institution as a whole.

"Last night, a director of Académie Notre-Dame received an apology from the parent involved, we appreciate his action and we look forward to moving forward in a respectful and esteemed way.

"Whenever we receive a complaint from the WIAA, we deepen the situation and review the behavior with the people involved.We thank all the officials of the sports competitions, especially the conference and the state, for the time and the Commitment to our work, student-athletes. "

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Former Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy was involved in an incident with high school basketball officials on Tuesday. (Photo: Adam Wesley / USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin, USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin)

An official abuse report was filed by the officiating crew. WIAA Director of Communications Todd Clark confirmed that the organization had received the complaint, but said the details of the report were confidential.

A report like this is not totally unusual. In response, the WIAA will likely send a letter to Notre Dame to inform the school that she has seven days to respond to the complaint filed.

The school will have the opportunity to recognize that it is aware of the situation and what it intends to do to prevent this from happening again. This could include sending a letter to the parent asking them not to reproduce again.

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The Pulaski School District released a statement Thursday and said it will be his only comment on the subject.

"After a hard match, while the officials were escorted by the match management in the locker room, a visiting team parent reacted inappropriately by following the officials and using language that did not match expectations. from WIAA or local sportsmanship. , "The statement said." In keeping with the eligibility of WIAA members and the expectations of the Fox River Classic Conference, all member schools are responsible for ensuring the appropriate behavior of their participants and spectators.

"It was said that a report" of abuse by the contest "had been filed with the WIAA. These reports do not come from member school districts, but come directly from the officials involved in an incident. The Pulaski Community School District did not submit any type of report as a result of this situation.

"Recognizing the value of sports for youth and high schools as a learning opportunity that is an extension of the classroom, we appreciate the role played by players, coaches, officials and spectators. to provide meaningful opportunities for our student-athletes. In collaboration with the FRCC and WIAA member schools, we strive to promote sportsmanship both on the ground and on the outside. "

This high-profile incident could help highlight a growing problem in high school sports.

"There is no doubt that the behavior of student and parent fans has deteriorated over the years," said Otis Chambers, former director of sports at Bay Port High School and University of Wisconsin-Green. Bay. "It's more and more of a game management problem. It just increases your game management responsibilities."

What can schools do to prevent problems during games?

"I think every school needs to put in place some kind of exit strategy for the officials after the game," Chambers said. "This would involve a minimum of escort of adults on and off the field (like Pulaski).

"But if a guy goes after them, will an adult be able to stop them? With Mike, even though I'm here and I catch him and push him away, it's already happened. You can not predict each of these situations. "