Former spider Andrew Garfield undresses for the audition of "Game of Thrones" with James Corden


Former Amazing Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield undressed during an audition for heavy nudity Game of thrones during a skit on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Garfield and Corden fail to take on many roles, including Jon Snow and Littlefinger, and the pair introduce themselves to audition "anyone who undresses in the show".

Now the promotion Under the money like, the new film of It follows director David Robert Mitchell, Garfield pursues a varied career that has seen such post-Spidey turning points as the drama of World War II led by Mel Gibson Hacksaw Ridge, Drama of Martin Scorsese's priest in the seventeenth century Silenceand the first Andy Serkis film, romantic drama Breathe.

This decision comes after Garfield declared in 2017 that "the entrepreneurial spirit" had infected the pair of Amazing Spider-Man movies, that Garfield embarked without ever seeing a script.

"I had to really fight, very hard to make sure that the character was honored and that we were offering something really fun, entertaining, moving, complex and profound for all the young boys and girls who want see their favorite superhero, "Garfield said THR in 2017, more than a year after the restart of the Internet in the film world Marvel shared with Tom Holland in the role.

"So many beautiful things have come out of this. I have met a person who remains extremely important in my life about it. You can tell anyone in detail, "said Garfield, once pointing to his girlfriend, Emma Stone.

"But the difference between how I felt when Never let Me Go and The social network were coming out and how I felt with The amazing spider-man The franchise was that I did not feel represented. I felt very much represented by these two other films, and with The amazing spider-man I did not think it was my job up there, in a strange way. It looked like a semblance or some kind of shade, but I finally felt that it was wrapped in this filter.

Game of thrones presents the new episodes of its eighth and final season Sunday at 21h on HBO.


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