Fortnite Battle Royale cracks after earthquakes


I know that Apex Legends has upset the scene, but Fortnite Battle Royale literally fears under the nose. Epic's final shooter is gearing up for another season starting Feb. 28, which means changes will occur on his ever-changing battlefield. Such a change has already been caused by strange inter-dimensional antics and a wandering glacier, but this one seems a bit more mundane: earthquakes shaking the whole map and leaving tears torn in the ground.

At the moment, there is nothing too violent on Earth that literally explodes. A little tremor followed by a permanent crack in the ground, but this is only the beginning. Epic loves their slow-burning configurations, ranging from mysterious countdowns and missile test failures to a large purple cube pioneering across the battlefield. There is no story behind all this – no tradition, no rhyme or reason – just something to animate an otherwise static game world, but it is nonetheless appreciated. Whatever the case may be, Twitter players have shared images of the earthquakes themselves (certainly not much to watch) and the consequences.

So what could these earthquakes lead to? I have the impression that we will see an expansion of the map: the crack will be spread all over the map, split the environment and a new and interesting biome fills the created void. Still, it could be anything. I would never have been able to expect cinematic games and cosmic butterflies. Epic clearly has control over this live event, even though the recent concert in the game was not as revolutionary (sorry) as they would have liked.

The earthquakes occur intermittently in Fortnite Battle Royale, everything should start on February 28th and at the beginning of season 8. Epic distributes the next pass free of charge at Season 8. Catch it, if you do not have it. have not done so already. As always, the game is free.

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