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Time played: 30 hours

Platform: PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

It's odd that Fortnite was a long-running game focused on defending the makeshift bases against the zombies. The release of its free and standalone mode, Battle Royale, looked like a curiosity in 2017, an attempt to get into a trend. Now, in 2019, the regime has outstripped many of its competitors, bringing footballers to perform game dances in the World Cup final and sport-derived products for the elderly.

By canceling the meteoric success of fashion, and in an increasingly congested space, is Fortnite still worth parachuting?

For newcomers, it is useful to quickly mention the basic configuration of a Battle Royale title: 100 players jump on a card, recovery weapons and items to eliminate others and be the last player in the running. Fortnite does not stray too far from this formula, offering solo, duet and team modes, but the execution of these bases is impressive …

Sun, lollipops and rainbows

Passing the fight bus is always exciting.

Passing the fight bus is always exciting.

In comparison to his more furry contemporaries such as Blackout or BattleUnknown's Battlegrounds, Fortnite's identity is his own. The characters and the map are colorful, with a dynamism that conceals its tactical depth. Whether you play on a PC, a Nintendo Switch or your mobile device, the game not only looks great, but it also works very well – maybe even perfectly, since Epic is the creator of the Unreal engine Engine (a suite of tools for video game developers). ).

The lack of blood and blood makes it more child-friendly than other shooters, and everything is wrapped in a Dreamworks shell. Whether it's to jump from the Party Bus to start a match or pick up items like a launch pad to send you in the air, Fortnite reminds you of a Saturday morning cartoon.

This personality filters up the map itself – a mix of landscapes, ranging from Tilted Towers' urban skyscrapers to the Paradise Palms, an oasis. Treasure chests are scattered around them, each containing something useful. Fortnite pressing a wider color palette than shades of green and brown can facilitate the distinction of an opponent remotely.

The Fortnite map is as colorful as it is varied.

The Fortnite map is as colorful as it is varied.

While Fortnite keeps its fights confined on a single card, the variety comes in the form of updates and seasonal transformations that apply to all players. While one season caused an ice age, another added flyable planes.

These changes mean that the meta is in a constant state of flux, which can hurt competition, but keeps millions of people regularly checking what has changed. In fact, it is not so long ago, the shoot has stopped to allow players to watch a concert in the game of the current superstar DJ Marshmello.

Last person standing

Fortnite's filming takes a long time to get used to.

Fortnite's filming takes a long time to get used to.

Of course, as it is a Battle Royale, it is unlikely that you will find much time to look at the landscape. Fortunately, Fortnite's fight still seems surprisingly cool almost two years ago and this is mainly due to two things.

The first is the unique construction mechanism of the game, a restraint of its Save The World mode. By harvesting materials like brick or wood with your reliable pick, players are able to build rudimentary structures with an intuitive grid-based build system. If you are in the open, you can create a wall for shelter, while crossing steep cliffs is much easier when you can build a ramp or a series of steps during the descent.

The Fortnite multiplatform means you can fight anywhere.

The Fortnite multiplatform means you can fight anywhere.

Construction has long been an important part of Fortnite's difficulty curve, and it's not uncommon to see the last ten fighters battle around a series of serpentine ramps that reach the skies. . The need to handle both construction and shooting in increasingly confined spaces means that Fortnite has a high skill cap, though it's quite possible to force your way to a Victory Royale (something we are certainly guilty of). Adding a creative mode to Epic even allows players to create their own custom maps and game modes, adding even more to Fortnite's longevity.

A second key element of Fortnite's successful combat loop lies in the firing mechanisms themselves. While it may seem odd to compare a third person, Royal Cartoony Battle, to the previous work of the developer on Unreal Tournament, Fortnite's often very violent and "loose" mobile shoot gives the impression of wearing the DNA of this series.

Weapons, for the most part, conform to standard archetypes of shotguns, sniper rifles, etc., but with Epic's willingness to move the game at regular intervals we've seen weapons such as Boogie Bomb, which makes enemies dance, as well as remote-controlled missiles. Fortnite feels at his best when he delights in his own ridicule.

Price of a royal

Fortnite updates are constantly adding new features.

Fortnite updates are constantly adding new features.

Examining a free title is a strange concept, because in the case of Fortnite, it can be easy to spend dozens of hours in his world without paying a single penny. Part of the game's appeal lies in its ubiquity on many platforms and the fact that it costs nothing.

Many would question the longevity of a title entirely based on micro-transactions, but the articles paid for by Fortnite are purely cosmetic and often as zany as one would expect from a title sporting an aesthetic as colorful. Skins of character, dance moves and new draw models are available, but Fortnite's highest financial value lies in its Battle Pass.

Priced at $ 9.99, the Fortnite Battle Pass lets you get a steady stream of cosmetics just by playing games and completing weekly challenges. These challenges are often the time for the community to come together and solve puzzles. By finishing a Battle Pass, you will also earn enough money to buy the next one, and the players who will not buy will find their own flow of challenges.

The walls have fallen


Are you a master shooter or super thief?

It's now easier than ever to choose your Fortnite solution on the go. After Sony has finally accepted and cleared the cross play between the PlayStation 4 and the game versions previously walled on other platforms, it is now quite possible to play with your friends on several consoles.

Adding cross progression may be just as important to many. If you buy the Battle Pass on your Xbox One, for example, the same challenges will be available on your Nintendo Switch, which is perfect for checking your rewards on the go. It's not just about the Battle Pass – all your purchases and currencies are on all your devices.


Seasonal themes make the game exciting.

Seasonal themes make the game exciting.

Fornite is arguably the most important game of the last decade. Its influence is felt throughout the pop culture as a whole, because it is in line with the accessibility and competitive spirit that so many people appreciate.

In all dances, skins and the Battle Pass, Fortnite Battle Royale is an extremely well-designed and ever-changing gaming platform that respects a player's time, whether or not he or she chooses to spend money. # 39; money. The learning curve is enough for us to come back again and again, while still being a fun place to play a quick game with a friend. It's really a modern wonder.

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