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Fortnite Creek Ninja and Drake is a year old – here's what has changed since | Dexerto.com

Although they played together more than once, the first time they collaborated on March 15, 2018 was undoubtedly an incredible moment for the players and Twitch. It remains the most watched Twitch event of all time on a single creator channel, with 628,000 simultaneous viewers.

But it was not only Drake, JuJu Smith-Schuster, FaZe Clan partner and FaZe Clan partner, and rapper Travis Scott who joined the Ninja band on Fortnite. In VOD, the matches with celebrities start around 03:31:00, and Ninja and Drake fall in duet. They are then joined by JuJu and Scott for team matches.

Despite the fact that it has been a year already, it is also amazing to consider how much Fortnite has changed over the same period. The current occurred in the middle of the third season of Fortnite, which was thematized around outer space.

The season has seen the conspiracy theories about meteor attacks come to fruition, with Dusty Divot's creation being the major change at the top of season three.

Among the other nostalgic fortnites of his third season, we find the skin "The Reaper" of Battle Pass Tier 100, based on the fictional assassin "John Wick", as well as the introduction of the point of interest. Interest "Lucky Landing", which remains in the game. in its eighth season.

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Reaper's skin, with the Fortnite card from Season 3.

Fortnite is not the only one to have changed, the Ninja chain has also changed a lot, from the username "NinjasHyper" to just "Ninja".

In addition, the background of his old room will be familiar to long-term viewers, but has since been replaced by a custom-made streamflow room, sponsored by Red Bull, in the new home of the streamer.

Blevins also abandoned the blasphemy to be more friendly, compared to the legendary 'Old Ninja', who regularly chatted while playing.

Just as Twitch's independent simultaneous recording has not been overtaken yet, neither is the incredible growth of Ninja in March 2018. According to SocialBlade's social media monitoring site, the Ninja Twitch channel has gained more than 2 , 3 million new subscribers in March, compared to the 460,000 new followers it earned in January 2019.

Although its growth is still very impressive, it proves how incredible Drake has been in streaming and in 2018 for Ninja and Fortnite. What was your favorite Fortnite moment in 2018?

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