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As part of a vast AMA Reddit, Epic Games responded loads questions about the very popular Fortnite Free Battle Game. One topic that was discussed in WADA was respawning.

Fortnite's non-solo modes allow players to revive their teammates, but there's never any real breathing like in the new Respawn Royal Battle Game, Apex Legends. In WADA, one of the producers of the game said Epic "is considering [respawning] for a moment and have been exploring it. "

We have not seen it yet in Fortnite, because Epic still needs more time to fully understand the impact it would have on overall balance. "We've been looking at this mechanism for a while and we're exploring it – we want to make sure it's given the time and the full impact on the game as a whole," said Epic. "Look for other updates during season 8."

Season 8, which could have a pirate theme, should begin on February 28th. We may learn more about Epic's plans to bring Fortnite to life.

Fortnite is a game of royal battle in the style of the latest players, Hunger Games style. So reappearing seems to go against the lure of experience. Apex Legends allows players to reappear teammates – but it's not always easy or effective. And this game is different because the players are divided into teams of three and the focus is usually put more on the team game.

Also during AMA Reddit on Fortnite, Epic has confirmed its intention to update and improve the sounds of the game, while the developer is also investigating measures to prevent accidental purchases . Epic also explained that it did not intend to offer support for 60 FPS on Nintendo Switch and was working on a new single occupancy vehicle that would be added in the future.

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