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Fortnite Magnifying Glass Challenge: where it is on the treasure map loading screen

The challenges for Fortnite Season 8, Week 3 are now live and, among them, you have to do some detective work – or maybe a pirate job – before you go on the island in search of Battle Stars. . The challenge asks players to "find where the magnifying glass is on the treasure map loading screen." Here's where to go and what to do.

Regarding the Fortnite challenges, it's not that difficult, although the wording is a bit confusing. What this requires you to do, is to take a look at the illustration of the loading screen, which is a treasure map. On the map is a magnifying glass and the area you are focusing on is the one you have to go to during a game. Specifically, it lies southwest of the Polar Peaks and east of Frosty Flights.

Go to the C8 reference grid and go to the left of this quadrant. You will see the Battle Star. Grab it and start working on the remaining challenges so you can get closer and closer to unlocking the cosmetic unlocking of your dreams.

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We now have three sets of weekly challenges available for Fortnite Season 8: Battle Royale. If you have managed to meet all the challenges up to now, you will also complete three sets of Discovery Challenges. Once you've finished third, be sure to check out our Battle Star Secret Guide to help you find the hidden reward you're waiting for.

If you intend to unlock everything or have your heart set on the arena, you will have to spend time and effort facing challenges every week. In doing so, you will get battle stars and progress much faster in Battle Pass. To help you, we will create guides for challenges on a weekly basis. You can stay abreast of everything while using our complete guide to the challenges of Season 8.

If you're looking for more challenges, Fortnite's Getnn Time Limit mode is back, as are the High Stakes challenges. By completing this additional set of challenges, you can unlock a harvesting tool using a crowbar, a blue screen background, a loading screen, a spray and a drag. The challenges usually involve winning matches in The Getaway LTM, using a specific item, or eliminating certain enemies. These are only available until March 19th, so if you are interested in rewards, you should focus on eliminating them before any standard challenge of the 3rd week, which will run until the end from season 8 (probably in May or June).

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