Fortnite players discover the first evidence of falling temperatures as the mysterious cloud approaches •

Fans of Fortnite dreaming of a White Christmas have found the first real evidence in the game that their snowy wishes are about to come true and that temperatures are beginning to fall on Battle Royale Island.

For those unfamiliar with the recent events at Fortnite, players first spotted a mysterious storm cloud forming on the distant horizon of the island almost exactly a week ago. His arrival was accompanied by several carefully timed cosmetic products, all suggesting that the storm that had just arrived would create a cold front coming from the south – hoping that everything covered a layer of festive snow.

Since the cloud was first sighted, however, there has not been much to report – aside from its regularity, though incredibly slow, to the continent. Eventually, the fans supposed, something had to happen. And now, a week later, something at.

In another example of Epic's growing talent for environmental storytelling, players who were waiting for the start of a match on the starting island of Fortnite noticed that their breath could now be seen transforming themselves. in small contrails in front of them. It's subtle, but indisputable – as Emma says "Keen-eyed" Kent from Eurogamer in the videos above.

Geographically, of course, all of this has a total meaning; The starting point of Fortnite – which lies just south of the main map – is currently the closest point to the storm cloud (or snowstorm, as we should perhaps be the only one). call now), and may therefore suffer its effects sooner.

However, this old storm cloud is still far from reality. It's possible that we will not experience more dramatic weather changes until the start of Fortnite season 7, which is almost certainly festive, in a few weeks. At this point, however, I would say that it is almost certain that Epic is organizing this Christmas, a winter wonderland covered with snow for Fortnite fans.

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