Fortnite Season 8 now lives with pirates, cannons and a new volcano


That is that! Fortnite season 7 is over and season 8 has started

The major change on the map sees a new volcano emerge in the northeast of Fortnite Island. Spitting lava damages your player, while its thermal vents can be used to propel you into the air. An Aztec temple, Sunny Steps, is set on the side, which allows players to dive into its corridors to search for loot.

There is also another new area in the form of the lazy lagoon, which includes islands and a pirate ship that joins the maritime theme of the latest update. This also brings the most important addition of Season 8 weapons, a powerful cannon that can fire both cannonballs and players looking to be projected at high speed on the map.

These are the headlines, but more details will appear as players explore and the season continues. Including just what is in these eggs now scattered around the island. The Stormwing fighter jet from season 7 has been removed. Can we fly fire-breathing dragons in the near future?

Fortnite's success shows no signs of slowing down. Season 7 was the biggest of all time, making significant changes to the map and a new mode in the form of Fortnite Creative.

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