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Fortnite Season 8 is finally here, introducing new map slots and a tropical pirate theme.

There will also be a new Fortnite Battle Column, giving you access to new Season 8 skins and Emotes Season 8 – provided you then put the time and effort to unlock them, of course.

If you're just getting started, the tips and tricks of Fortnite Battle Royale can help.

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What is explained in Fortnite Season 8 and the cost of Battle Pass?

Season 8 has arrived with a host of new additions and changes for all players, including:

  • Updated map of tropical pirates, featuring new locations named Lazy Lagoon and Sunny Steps, as well as a volcano
  • Pirate cannons have been added to the map, which allows you to shoot bullets and players
  • Added lava (which damages the players) and volcanic vents (which propel the players in the air)
  • New party support function to help complete challenges with friends
  • The X-4 Stormwing airplane sailboat as well as Sneaky Snowman, Chiller Grenade, Shopping Cart and Kart off-road items
  • New Season 8 skins, pets and emotes

Like the previous season 7, season 8 offers a range of new rewards, most of which are blocked by the possession of a passport.

Although you can unlock a selected number of the above items with a Free Pass, it's only with a Battle Pass that a second level of elusive rewards is unlocked.

The Battle Pass is a premium item and costs 950 V-Bucks again. You can buy a lot of 1,000 V-Bucks for about £ 8 / $ 10 or win V-Bucks in play through various activities.

The Season Pass Battle Pass offers the following benefits immediately:

  • Two outfits
  • 50% XP personal bonus
  • 10% improvements with your friends
  • Access to more challenges

These challenges are introduced every week, ranging from performing certain types of activities to finding hidden objects on the map. By completing them, you can better rank your Battle Pass and give you these rewards faster.

These two challenges and Battle Pass rewards can be unlocked as you wish throughout the season, but once a new season begins, your progress is reset and a new set of rewards and rankings begins.

List of Fortnite Season 8 skins

Blackheart Skins (Level 1, new styles unlocked with XP progress)

Hybrid skins (Level 1, new styles unlocked with XP progress)

Sidewinder Skin (Rank 23)


Peeled skin (rank 47)


Braised skin (rank 71)


Main skins (levels 87 and 99)


Deluxe Skins (Level 100, new styles unlocked with faster progress than opponents)

Finally – the skins, emotes and Battle Pass of Fortnite Season 8 have arrived!

With that comes a new set of weekly Fortnite Challenges – the latest comprising

Locations of pirate camps and giant faces in the jungle, desert and snow.

There are also Discovery Battle Star locations to discover as well.

Fortnite Season 8 Emotes List

As expected, there are many new emotes in season 8. Here is a list:

  • Hello friend emote (Level 14 – Free)
  • Conga emote (rank 31)
  • Snoozefest emote (Tier 46 – free)
  • Nana Nana emote (rank 63)
  • Emote circle master (rank 95)

Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass List of Rewards

There are two types of rewards available – those with the Free Pass and those with the Battle Pass, so keep that in mind if you are paying attention to the rewards.

In summary, the rewards of Season 8 include:

  • 1300 V-Bucks
  • Two animals
  • Six Wraps
  • Four axes
  • Five emotes
  • Two toys
  • Four gliders
  • Six back blings
  • Five contrails
  • 13 sprays
  • Three music tracks

Here they are in full …

Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass List of Rewards

What did the rewards of previous Fortnite battle passes look like?

If you'd like to learn more about the previous Battle Passes awards – and those available from the Free Pass – here's a list of previous releases from season 3.

Season 3 Battle Pass Rewards

FloorBattle PassFree admission
150% XP personal improvement, 10% personal improvement of your friends, mission specialist outfit, Battle Pass challengesNo
210% XP personal bonus, 5 free levels for next seasonFree level challenges
3Banner icon & eggNo
4100x V-BucksNo
5Wow emoticonNo
6Loaded gun loading screenBanner icon & donut & # 39;
7Sawtooth harvesting toolNo
8Emoticon of the thiefNo
95% of XP friend enhancementsNo
tenBee & # 39; banner iconHi emoticon
11100x V-BucksNo
12Loading screen of harvesting toolsNo
13Worm & # 39; banner iconNo
14Emoticon with a broken heartEmoticon Lovers
15Rainbow Rider GliderNo
16Banner icon & # 39; paw & # 39;No
1710% of personal XPNo
18Emoticon of Boombox100x V-Bucks
19100x V-BucksNo
20Rainbow parachutingNo
21Sun banner iconNo
22Rocket Ride EmoticonPrecision & bling back
23Rust Lord's outfitNo
24Falcon banner iconNo
255% of XP friend enhancementsNo
26Chick banner iconGood game & emoticon
27100x V-BucksNo
28Tactical Shotgun Loading ScreenNo
29Dog collar banner iconNo
30The emoticon of BushBattle Royale & # 39; loading screen
31Take the emoteNo
321000x XP seasonNo
3310% of XP friend improvementsNo
34Moon and clouds banner icon100x V-Bucks
35100x V-BucksNo
36Overseas skydiving trailsNo
371000x XP seasonNo
38Awww EmoticonFalcon banner icon
39Carbon gliderNo
40Crab banner iconNo
415% of XP friend enhancementsNo
42Top hat banner iconPositivity emoticon
43100x V-BucksNo
44Brite Unicorn Charging Screen & # 39;No
451000x XP seasonNo
46Thumbs Up EmoticonEva & # 39; harvest tool
47Astro's back blingNo
48Emoticon thumb downNo
4910% of personal XPNo
50All-Star 'Skydiving Tracks & # 39;Shooting star & # 39; banner
51100x V-BucksNo
521 emoticon HPNo
531000x XP seasonNo
54Banner icon & # 39; WingAn emoticon +
55Moonwalker outfitNo
561000x XP seasonNo
575% of XP friend enhancementsNo
58Hot Dog EmoticonNo
59100x V-BucksNo
60Minigun loading screenNo
611000x XP seasonNo
62Banner icon & # 39; Snake & # 39;No
63Emote of the best friendsNo
64Emoticon & # 39; Hoarder & # 39;No
6510% of XP friend improvementsNo
66Teddy bear banner iconNo
67100x V-BucksNo
68Parachuting course of the bubblesNo
691000x XP seasonNo
70Dark Voyager outfitNo
71Dark Matter's bling backNo
72Rain Cloud Banner IconNo
735% of XP friend enhancementsNo
74200 IQ Play EmoticonNo
75100x V-BucksNo
76Raptor loading screenNo
771000x XP seasonNo
78Wolf banner iconNo
79Harvest Tool # 2 & # 39; Trusty & # 39;No
80Emoticon Flage RageNo
8110% of XP friend improvementsNo
82Happy whale banner iconNo
83100x V-BucksNo
84Parachuting paths of flamesNo
851000x XP seasonNo
86Emoticon KaboomNo
87Attire of the elite agentNo
88Lightning icon & # 39;No
895% of XP friend enhancementsNo
90Majestic emoticonNo
91100x V-BucksNo
92Elite agent loading screenNo
931000x XP seasonNo
94Banner icon & # 39; Mace & # 39;No
95The rebot emoteNo
9610% of personal XPNo
97Emoticon number 1No
98100x V-BucksNo
99Dinosaur skull banner iconNo
100The reaper's outfit, Battle Pass Tier 100 ChallengesNo

Battle Season Battle 4 Rewards

FloorBattle PassFree admission
150% personal XP, 10% XP friends, carbide outfit, Battlehawk outfit, access to weekly challengesNo
210% XP friend improvements, 5 free levels for season 5Challenges of departure
3X Mark sprayNo
4100 V-dollarsNo
5Dynamite EmoticonNo
6Carbide loading screenDripping paint banner icon
7Gale Force PickaxeNo
8Lights, camera, action emoticonsNo
95% of XP friend enhancementsNo
tenRainbow SprayStandard problem return bling
11100 V-dollarsNo
12Rex loading screenNo
13Triangle banner iconNo
14GG Smiley SprayAngel emoticon
15Sugar Crash GliderNo
16Spraypaint banner iconNo
1710% XP friend improvements, 5 free levels for season 5No
18Emoticon ZZZ100 V-dollars
19100 V-dollarsNo
20Retro Sci-Fi Skydiving TrailsNo
21Dog Bowl Banner IconNo
22Spray heartsTeam work emoticon
23Teknic outfitNo
24Baby Seal EmoticonNo
255% of XP friend enhancementsNo
26Duck banner iconEmote Orange Justice
27100 V-dollarsNo
28Load screen of the team leaderNo
29Chalk Outline SprayNo
301000 XP seasonFree fall loading screen
31Emote PopcornNo
32Closing Banner IconNo
3310% XP friend improvements, 5 free levels for season 5No
34Circle Spray100 V-dollars
35100 V-dollarsNo
36Parachuting tracks spray paintNo
371000 XP seasonNo
38Spray lootedChains Banner Icon
39Wings of Valor gliderNo
40Pomegranate banner iconNo
415% of XP friend enhancementsNo
42Spray boomEmoticon Rainbow
43100 V-dollarsNo
44Leviathan loading screenNo
451000 XP seasonNo
46Emoticon plotLollipopper harvesting tool
47Zoey outfitNo
48Royal Stroll SprayNo
4910% of personal XPNo
50SkydivingTooth banner icon
51100 V-dollarsNo
52Chicken emoticonNo
531000 XP seasonNo
54Spray summaryRespect emote
55Goodie Bag back blingNo
56Do it! sprayNo
575% of XP friend enhancementsNo
58Pencil banner iconNo
59100 V-dollarsNo
60Screen for loading the killers of aerosolsNo
611000 XP seasonNo
62Three llamas sprayNo
63Hype emoteNo
64Crabby emoticonNo
6510% of personal XPNo
66Window sprayingNo
67100 V-dollarsNo
68Skydiving trails of heartsNo
69Lightning banner iconNo
70Trap Warning SprayNo
71Holding of valueNo
72Raven SprayNo
735% of XP friend enhancementsNo
74Raging EmoticonNo
75100 V-dollarsNo
76Zoey loading screnNo
77Movie camera banner iconNo
78Kiss sprayNo
79Intrepid gliderNo
80Mask maskNo
8110% of personal XPNo
82Bow banner iconNo
83100 V-dollarsNo
84Parachute shooting starsNo
85Brite Gunner loading screenNo
86Teknique SprayNo
87Team leader outfitNo
88Bird banner iconNo
895% of XP friend enhancementsNo
90Bananas EmoticonNo
91100 V-dollarsNo
92Raven loading screenNo
93Arrow banner iconNo
94Tunnel SprayNo
95Emote Groove JamNo
9610% of personal XPNo
97Celebrate the emoticonNo
98100 V-dollarsNo
99Shadow Ops sprayNo
100Omega outfit, Omega ChallengesNo

Season 5 Battle Pass Rewards

FloorBattle PassFree
150% XP bonus, 10% friend XP friend, huntress outfit, drifting outfit, Battle Pass challengesNo
210% XP personal bonus, 5 free levels for next season.Crazy Castle Spray
3Banners Naughts and Crosses IconNo
4100 V-dollarsLoading screen drifting
5Go EmoticonNo
6Sushi SprayGentleman's Dab Emote
7Cruise gliderNo
8Shopping Cart Banner IconRock emoticons
95% increase in friend XPNo
ten100 V-dollarsNo
11Basketball toyBoat banner icon
12Boogie SprayNo
13Loading screen of the Nordic emblemNo
14Dolphin banner iconUplink Back Bling
15Balloon axNo
16Pool Party EmoticonsNo
1710% XP Personal BoostNo
18100 V-dollars100 V-dollars
19Abstrakt loading screenNo
20Contrail lanternsNo
21Banner Mask IconNo
22Straberry Paws SprayDownshift glider
23Redline outfitNo
24Thorny EmoticonNo
255% friend XP BoostNo
26100 V-dollarsPixels Royale Spray
27Golf ball toyNo
28Huntress's loading screenNo
29Lucha GG SprayNo
301000 Season XPLug Ax
31You're awesome EmoteNo
32Hat banner iconNo
3310% of personal XPNo
34Sun Strider loading screen100 V-dollars
35100 V-dollarsNo
36Runic ContrailNo
37Stop EmoticonNo
38Good Vibes SprayPool Party Back Bling
39Glider of conquestNo
40Durrr SprayNo
415% of XP friend enhancementsNo
42100 V-dollarsDinosaur banner icon
43Beach ball toyNo
44Jailbirds loading screenNo
451000 Season XPNo
46Emoticon EmbarrassedCalculated emote
47Sun Strider OutfitNo
48False door sprayNo
4910% of personal XPNo
50Golf ball banner iconScreen for loading large explosives
51100 V-dollarsNo
52Alarm emoticonNo
531000 Season XPNo
54Spray driftingGlitch in the Contrail system
55Rear Guard BlingNo
56Ice cream truck banner iconNo
575% of XP friend enhancementsNo
58100 V-dollarsEmoticon Trap
59Fantasy golf ball toyNo
60Flytrap loading screenNo
611000 Season XPNo
62Palm tree banner iconLaser Chomp Spray
63Drag EmoteNo
64100 V-dollarsNo
6510% of personal XPNo
66Omen loading screenNo
67Emoticon in tattersNo
68Contrail Ice CrystalNo
69Spider banner iconNo
701000 Season XPNo
71Sledgehammer OutfitNo
72Northern Llama SprayNo
735% of XP friend enhancementsNo
74100 V-dollarsNo
75Fancy beach ball toyNo
76Flag checkered flag iconNo
77Red Knight's Loading ScreenNo
78Delicious EmoticonNo
79Splashdown gliderNo
80Potato sprayNo
8110% of personal XPNo
82Diving banner iconNo
83100 V-dollarsNo
84TP ContrailNo
85Bad EmoticonNo
86Bandolier Loading ScreenNo
87Tower holdingNo
88Cobra banner iconNo
895% of XP friend enhancementsNo
90100 V-dollarsNo
91Fantasy BasketballNo
92Shabby emoticonNo
93Tomatohead loading screenNo
94Delicious SprayNo
95Emote ventilationNo
9610% of personal XPNo
97Emoticon Gold PotNo
98100 V-dollarsNo
99Skull and beardNo
100Ragnarok outfit, Ragnarok ChallengesNo

Battle Battle Rewards

Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass List of Rewards

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