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Fortnite Season 8 Start date and time confirmed

The season 8 of Fortnite starts in a day. Developer Epic Games has recently confirmed that the new season of the Royal Battle will begin on all platforms this Thursday, February 28, when we will probably have a major update presenting the changes to the map, a new battlefield, new skins, challenges, and many more. The new season changes are Fortnite's biggest event, and with the game facing new competition from Apex Legends, we do not expect Epic to hold on. The exact date for the fix for Season 8 has been announced: server downtime will start at 1 am / 4 am / 9 am GMT / 8 pm AET. It's unclear how long it will take, but since it's a larger than average update, it's likely to be long. Epic warns that the size of the patch itself "will be larger than normal updates".

As in previous seasons, Epic publishes teaser footage in the days leading up to Season 8. Each of the allusions is in the form of a poem suggesting that the new season will have a pirate theme. ; the first mentions "X marks the place" and the treasure, while the second warns players to be wary of "those who arrive on the waves". The third and fourth continue the trend but also contain what could be new skins for the season 8. This includes what looks like a banana with a face, which would show that everything in the new season will not be directly related to the pirates (or particularly serious).

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It remains to be seen what this means in terms of gameplay, but it will probably be related to the earthquakes that occurred in the game. The players began to feel these tremors earlier this month as a result of the release. from Fortnite's 7.30 update, and their intensity has been increasing since, so much so that cracks are now appearing on the island.

We'll see early on what all this means for Season 8, but in the meantime players still have a few days to complete the remaining challenges of Season 7, including the new overtime challenges. Epic gives the season 8 battle pass to the players free of charge if they complete these challenges, so you'll want to finish them before the end of the season to get your hands on the pass without having to spend V-Bucks.

You also have until the end of season 7 to unlock all variants of the prisoner's skin. If you need help completing one of this season's challenges, you'll find all the GameSpots tips and guides in our full list of Season 7 challenges.

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