Fortnite teams up with Weezer to become the next Second Life

FortniteThe latest "season" of updated content, launched Thursday, is complemented by a litany of release notes on the changes made to its gameplay. But the biggest change is probably not weapons, terrain or pirate themed outfits. The title Epic Games also slips into a mix of pop culture in high view, making it a suggestion for the future of the series.

At the press time, if you start in the "creative" mode of the game, which allows you and your friends online, to play on a private server without "royal battle" restrictions, you can choose to pilot the real "battle bus" of the game up to Weezer. Island. (Yes, the biggest rock band whose first album was released almost 25 years ago.)

This game zone works in any version of the game (console, computer and mobile) and is full of speakers containing four songs from the recently launched group. Black Album, to be released on Friday, March 1st. (All those who loaded this area on Thursday have a day overview of songs, which are not full versions.)

The Weezer connection is also a bit thin. This island is embedded in the group's "= w =" logos, as well as album covers, but you will not find anything like horn-rimmed glasses, iconic music video scenes or group members hiding behind. around you. the island as collectible Easter eggs. Instead, this area includes a selection of non-combat-related activities that friends can join together, including races in indoor mazes and a large skate park.

This may very well be the goal. The opportunity for friends to meet online in the creative hubs of the free game, far from the demands of 100-player combat and punctual information about time-limited pop culture, seems to imply that Epic Games does not back down the popularity of his recent live events. Especially, FortniteThe finale of Season Seven drew millions of viewers, both in the game and via YouTube VOD, when she hosted two live concerts in the game featuring DJ Marshmello, full of theatrical venues. personalized dance.

In addition, most of the content of the game's new Weezer Island seems to be available to the average players via the game's editing tools game. Fortnite The game is already based on the construction of walls, floors, stairs and other geometries (as an action-inspired game). Minecraft ), and players can band together to run and fly around their own private space (and save their progress for future visits) to build it as they please.

The result already seems to be a renaissance of the Second life dream, although the one with a more focused scale. Or FortniteNi's default battle mode, nor its creative hubs support almost as many concurrent users in one instance. Second life Epic Games seems to accept this reality. The fact that thousands of enthusiastic users are piling up at the same time in their own capped instances of 100 users, and then share the results via YouTube and Twitch VOD, seems to spread the love of the user. "live event" in the same way, otherwise perhaps with greater accessibility than Second lifeThe population of has never gathered.

Although there is no prediction FortniteIn the future, it is fair to say that the game was keen to avoid sinking into irrelevance. More and more suspensions on the royal battle trend (and, in the case of EAs, Apex Legends(Do it very well), expect Epic Games to continue developing its base of players with pop culture instead of guns.

Image illustrated by Epic Games

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