Fortnite x Samsung – Get the new exclusive IKONIK K-Pop skin


Epic Games and Samsung have once again teamed up to offer an exclusive skin for Fortnite players who buy the new Samsung Galaxy S10 + device.

After being discovered in Fortnite files long ago, the K-Pop skin was officially revealed as a Fortnite x Samsung exclusive for Galaxy S10 + owners.

It is not known yet whether the initially disclosed skin variant will be available as a selectable style. Discover all the details below!

Lead your team to victory with the new IKONIK team. It brings K-Pop finesse to your look. Get IKONIK now when you upgrade to Samsung's most powerful gaming device to date, the Galaxy S10 +.

Sign up for more information on the Fortnite X event on March 16, 2019.

Find out how to immerse yourself in the legend of the game, the Ninja and K-Pop sensations, with iKON for a unique Fortnite X Galaxy S10 + experience. Play New York on our website Samsung 837.

Your most powerful weapon to date. The Galaxy S10 +

Enjoy continuous and enduring gameplay with one of Samsung's most powerful gaming phones. The Galaxy S10 + is equipped with a super-fast 855 Snapdragon processor, an immersive 2K Quad HD screen and a long-lasting smart battery┬╣ that automatically optimizes power according to your performance.

How will the Galaxy S10 + play

Smart battery all day

The Galaxy S10 + battery automatically optimizes your energy consumption according to your performance. Thanks to its sliding scale function, you can also manually adjust the battery performance for games versus energy saving.

Optimized for powerful games

For seamless games, the Galaxy S10 + offers up to 1TB of storage, 8GB of RAM and a super fast 855 Snapdragon processor 33% faster than the Note9.

Portable gaming ecosystem

Enjoy immersive sound with the ultra-portable Galaxy Buds or AKG N700NC headphones. The Galaxy S10 + can even be associated with compatible remotes such as the Gamevice.

Ready to play?

Already have a Galaxy device? Download Fortnite and enjoy the best gaming experience on Android. Simply activate the game launcher and tap the Fortnite icon to download and drop it.


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