Fox News could stop serving as a propaganda network for Trump – and Hannity would panic

Fox News has served as a full-fledged propaganda network for President Donald Trump during the first two years of his presidency, but a revolt within the network's press service is pushing for change.

Vanity Fair's Gabriel Sherman reports that Lachlan Murdoch, the son of media mogul Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox, is not a big fan of Trump and fears seeing his network seen as a personal Pravda to the president's Soviet.

Although editorial changes that Murdoch plans to make are not too radical, the network will remain a right-wing news network. It looks like it's still enough to scare Fox News host Sean Hannity into believing Trump will be hurt. politically.

"Hannity told Trump last year that the Murdoch hated Trump, and Hannity is the only one to hold Fox together," a source told Sherman.

In addition, some sources within Fox believe that Murdoch will try to create a certain distance between Fox News and the president as part of a broader strategy to yield the network to another buyer.

"Everyone thinks he's going to sell it," Fox News anchor told Sherman. "He is too small to be independent."

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