Fox News crosses the line on Joe Biden


Although this position places Fox somewhere in the gray zone between journalism and activism, it's not quite new. There are ratings in partisanship – Fox News is therefore engaging in partisanship.
But even partisanship should have its limits. And one of these limits should raise totally unfounded questions about the health of a presidential candidate. That's exactly what two Fox News personalities – Kennedy and Sean Hannity – have done, according to this great Daily Beast article Justin Baragona:

Since the end of May, Lisa & # 39; Montgomery, star of Fox News Network, and Sean Hannity, Fox News host at prime time, have hypothesized, to At least four times, that the current Democratic presidential favorite was secretly dealing with health issues, often comparing his condition to conspiracy theories related to the disease, the network insisted Hillary Clinton at the time. 39, election of 2016 ".

Kennedy claimed that the discussions between researcher-Democrat opponents all focused on "you know something is wrong with the former vice president." She offered no evidence for this claim.

Hannity, Fox's biggest star, said: "Joe Biden is tired, he does not have the energy to do that, he's not ready to take on this challenge, they're already hiding it as they hid Hillary. They do not want it. "

These baseless attacks recall how Trump attacked Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign. "She's not the look," Trump said of Clinton at the end of September 2016. "She's n & # 39; "No stamina, I said she had no stamina, and I do not think she has any." (L & # 39; Trump's attack came two weeks after Clinton was filmed, leaving a shaky memory leaving a commemoration of September 11th.)
Trump himself hinted at similar themes in his first attacks on Biden, the current favorite of the 2020 Democratic podium. "Joe Biden had the tongue tied over the weekend while he was unable to correctly deliver a very simple message on his decision to run for the presidency " Trump tweeted in March. "Get used to it, another weak I.Q. And his nickname for Biden -" Sleepy Joe "- is not accidental either.

It is clear that these attacks are intended to raise in the minds of voters the election of Biden, who would be 78 years old on the day of the 2021 inauguration. This would make Biden the oldest elected president. for a first term. – Donald Trump, elected to 70 years. What makes the argument that he is too old to do the job is a little skimpy.

Point: Trump – and his surrogates, including Fox's – showed that they were ready to do anything to get him elected in 2016. These baseless results on Biden's health – more than a year before the Election – suggest that they will follow this same plan again.


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