Francis Ngannou understands Jon Jones’ demands for money: ‘For a mega fight, everyone would like to have a mega payday’


Francis Ngannou wants to fight Jon Jones, but even the new UFC heavyweight champion understands his potential opponent’s demands.

Right after Ngannou won the heavyweight title with a knockout victory over Stipe Miocic at UFC 260. Jones took to Twitter with a simple message that read ‘show me the money’ as he was starting a public negotiation to make this fight happen. In the days following the publication of this post, Jones engaged in a war of words with UFC President Dana White which resulted in a Twitter tirade on Monday including a request for release from the promotion. .

While this is highly unlikely, Ngannou understands why Jones is demanding more money as he knows the magnitude of this fight over UFC results.

“I believe Jon Jones wants this fight,” Ngannou told TMZ. “I believe he will want that to happen because it will be a massive fight, a mega fight. Basically one of the biggest, I mean he’s been around for so long and he’s been a champion for a very long time, but I think this might be the biggest fight of his career, [same] in mine. So he wants this thing. He wants to put something like that on his heritage, on his CV. I really believe he wants this fight to happen.

“In regards to [negotiation], yeah, he asks for the money, he said “show me the money” but I think that makes sense. I think for a mega fight everyone would like to have a mega salary, [same] like mine. I want this fight. I wish I had a good salary and all the other fighters would love that. There is nothing irrational about it. Everything is normal. Everyone expects us to do this in order to one day have a big paycheck. A great day of combat. At that point, you say to yourself: “I wish I had what I wanted”. So I believe in it and I see ‘show the money’ to me, proof to me that he really wants it or if you show the money he is going to fight.

As for the actual match, Ngannou obviously likes his chances against Jones, but he doesn’t use his win over Miocic as an indicator of future success.

Instead, Ngannou recognizes the work that should be done in the gym to prepare for a fighter like Jones, who has never experienced a real defeat in his entire career.

“I can’t understand the fight with Stipe to take Jon Jones lightly because I defended a withdrawal from Stipe,” Ngannou explained. “Jon Jones could have a different approach, a different balance, different transitions. These are the traps I won’t let myself fall into.

“In this training camp, I’m going to work on my fight, on my fighting ability because yes, it was a good performance, I had a good victory on Saturday night but when I watch this fight, there is still had a ton. things in this fight, in this performance that can be corrected and improved. “

Of course, Ngannou can offer the same warning to Jones. Because for everything he’s accomplished at 205 pounds, the former champ will face a whole different kind of hurdle when he fights for the UFC heavyweight title.

“My message to Jon would be to prepare and be serious, to do serious work because he is going to have the biggest challenge of his life,” Ngannou said. “I won’t go there to play with him like these guys did.

“It’s going to feel different. He can put whatever weight he wants on him, that doesn’t take away from my strength or power.

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