Freddie Kitchens, sincere and candid, shows signs that he is changing his role


Freddie Kitchens is in a rare position right now.

This is a head coach for the first time, which is not so rare. But he is also the head coach of a team that is suddenly favorite to ensure a division (the North AFC) that she has not won since that. she had a different name (Central AFC), more than 20 years ago.

This would put him in the exclusive company of the post-1999 Browns.

It is also unlikely from one coaching position to another, with nothing more than a temporary stop at the coordination level. When he was introduced as the new Browns coach, he was open and honest. He was not quite presidential in his answers.

Two and a half months later, it's clear that he's starting to make his mark as a new man responsible for the Browns.

The kitchens answered questions at a table adorned with a sign bearing his name and logo from the Browns on Tuesday, and though he was honest as always, he was also showing a little bit of energy. ;humor. Despite a busy New Year season in the league, Kitchens is starting to feel comfortable and shows how much joke he has made in response to some questions.

Asked about the obvious pressure of high expectations, Kitchens presented a fantastic overview of sarcasm, starting with the potential of several games in prime time:

"I'm very scared of all those people, I mean, I really am, I do not know how I'm going to get out of it, I really do not know if I'm ready for this job. I really do not do it, man. "

"As I told them, it scares me a lot, I'm kidding, do not write that."

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