Free Apex Legends Skin and Booty Now Available with Amazon / Twitch Prime

A new freebie is now available for Twitch Prime members. For a limited time, players can claim a free loot pack for Apex Legends, Respawn's new Royal Battle Game, in the wake of the release of its new patch (and the imminent new weapon). The pack is available on PS4, Xbox One or PC and contains an exclusive skin, but you will need to be cautious when claiming it, as it can only be traded on one platform.

The Twitch Prime Apex Legends Pack contains a variety of cosmetic products for the Battle Royale game. The highlight is the legendary skin of Omega Point for Pathfinder, but it also includes five Apex packs, the equivalent in the game of surprise boxes that contain a random assortment of cosmetic items such as skins of weapons and gestures.

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To claim the Twitch Prime Pack, you must first link your Twitch account to your EA account, then click on the crown – shaped Prime Loot icon on the Twitch website. As mentioned before, the pack is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC, but you can only exchange it once, and only on the first platform to which you connect with your EA account associated. You can read more in the FAQ.

Twitch Prime is one of the benefits of an Amazon Prime membership and offers gifts for a variety of games. Members can also download a free selection of titles every month. The February series includes Pikuniku, Dear Esther: Landmark Edition, Downwell, The Flame in Flood and the Draknek & Co. puzzles collection Square Enix also offers separately Final Fantasy XIV Starter Edition until May 3rd.

Apex Legends was launched earlier this month as a result of a surprise revelation and it has already taken an important step. Just like Fortnite, the download and the game are free, but it also puts the emphasis on team work and features a variety of characters with unique abilities and features, similar to Overwatch. If you're new to the game, do not forget to check GameSpot's guides for useful tips and strategies.

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