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PS4 owners can download one of the most popular multiplayer games from the console for free right now.

As a special gift for the Easter weekend, Blizzard has released a free version of the classic Overwatch multiplayer.

The free trial Overwatch can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store, with a few exceptions.

For starters, the game is only available for free until April 23, after which the Overwatch trial will end.

And even if you do not need a PlayStation Plus subscription to download the game, you must be a member to access the online multiplayer.

The free trial Overwatch is also available on Xbox One and on PC, so download it now to avoid disappointment.

If you decide to buy the full game, all your progress will be postponed.

Overwatch SKINS: new booty revealed for Storm Rising Archives

"Join us for a FREE Trial of Overwatch starting April 16th!" reads an article from Blizzard.

"You will have access to all cards and all heroes in a variety of game modes.

"Any experience or element you earn during this free trial will be transferred if you decide to buy Overwatch, just make sure you buy the game on the same Sony Entertainment Network account with which you played during that time. free try."

This is the right time to discover Overwatch because Blizzard has just launched a limited event.

Entitled Storm Rising, the last event in the archives explores a Key moment in the overwatch history.

The coop mission sees the players go to Havana tries to capture Maximilian, associate of Talon.

You can also play the previous archive missions, including the Quest for Retribution, which sees Blackwatch's secret team attempting to capture a high-ranking member of Talon's organization.

There is also Tracer's first mission from the Uprising Archives event in 2017.

Needless to say, the Storm Rising Overwatch event also features a selection of new skins and rewards, available in limited-time loot boxes.

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