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Here's an overview of Thursday's other dedications.

OL Eric Kush to Cleveland Browns (undisclosed terms): Kush, 29, has played 11 games with the Chicago Bears in the past two seasons and can play all three places inside the line. It was added by John Dorsey, general manager of the Browns, to the depth.

Quality: A-

WR Tavon Austin renews contracts with the Dallas Cowboys (one-year contract for undisclosed terms): Austin went from choosing the first round to a $ 42 million extension with the Rams on the "other signatures" page, which tells you everything you need to know about his six seasons in the NFL. He had only eight catches for the Cowboys in 2018, but he could be ready for a bigger role in 2019 with Cole Beasley now in Buffalo.

Quality: B-

TE Luke Stocking at the Atlanta Falcons (two-year contract for undisclosed terms): Stocker, a nine-year veteran, tied his career record with 165 yards of profit last year with the Tennessee Titans. He will find his coach Mike Mularkey in Atlanta, where he will fight for backup shots behind Austin Hooper.

Quality: C +

DL Christian Covington at the Dallas Cowboys (one year contract for undisclosed terms): After spending his first four seasons in Houston, Covington has recorded a career record of 3.5 sacks in 2018. Depending on the money, he could be one of the best discrete players of the early days of free play . agency.

Quality: B +

DL Steve McLendon signs back with the New York Jets (undisclosed terms): In 14 starts, while the Jets were in the vanguard last year, McLendon had 34 tackles and four tackles for the loss. The team would have kept its 3-4 base defense under new defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, according to Brian Costello of New York Post, that makes a lot of sense to go up the 6 ", 310-pounder.

Quality: A-

WR Eli Rogers signs back with the Pittsburgh Steelers (two-year contract for undisclosed terms): Rogers lost most of last season because of a knee injury, but he scored 48 passes for a total of 594 yards in 2016. At present, he will be the fifth receiver of Pittsburgh.

Quality: B

DL Daniel McCullers signs back with the Pittsburgh Steelers (two-year contract for undisclosed terms): According to Rotoworld, McCullers has never even seen 200 action shots in his five years in Steel City. But the 352-pound hole-clogger will be back with the Steelers for another two rounds after signing a two-year contract.

Quality: C

WR Maurice Harris to the Patriots of New England (one year deal with undisclosed terms): Driven into attack for the distant receiver last year for the Washington Redskins, Harris made the first seven starts of his career, racking up 28 receptions for 304 yards. It's a classic Pats without risk, with an average signature on the rise. By knowing them, it will work.

Quality: A-

WR Kevin White at the Arizona Cardinals (undisclosed terms): Still another former receiver of the first round turned NFL player, White will try to resume his career in the desert after four years decimated by an injury in Chicago. In these four years, whites have missed 50 of the 64 possible matches. Guess that this is not a multi-year contract.

Quality: C +

Jordan Matthews at San Francisco 49ers (one year for undisclosed terms): Back in 2015 with the Philadelphia Eagles, Matthews flirted with a 1,000-yard season and scored eight touchdowns. Since then, injuries have undermined its effectiveness. However, he is a worthy thief at this point for a team of Niners with plenty of space. It's not much more than that.

Quality: B

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