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Free PlayStation Plus Games for March 2019 Announced

The witness and Call of Duty: remastered modern war are the only free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers in March, Sony announced Wednesday.

Modern war remastered is Raven Software's improved version of Infinity Ward's Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare; the remaster of the first person shooter of 2007 launched in 2016. It is the same year that Thekla published The witness, a puzzle game of Jonathan Blow's mind. Both will be available for free from March 5th to April 1st on PlayStation Plus. Meanwhile, the February games, including Hitman: The full first season and For the honor – are still available.

The month of March is the first month since Sony offers subscribers more free games in the summer of 2010, as the line of titles does not contain PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita games. A year ago, Sony announced its intention to remove PSA and Vita games from the free monthly list. He said, "Many of our fans are playing on the PS4 platform, with the growing number of PS4s in homes around the world.

Until then, Sony usually offered six free games each month, two on PS3, PS4 and Vita (notwithstanding the cross-purchase features). However, the company does not increase the number of PS4 titles to compensate for the loss of games on older platforms. This month, Sony has improved its PlayStation Plus offering in one way or another: the company has increased storage capacity for cloud backups from 10 GB to 100 GB.

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