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From The Soul Beef with the old label Over Streaming Royalties

First flagship album of De La Soul, 3 feet tall and up, is 30 years old on Sunday. And soon, reports MissInfo, you may be able to listen to it online, along with the rest of the first six albums of De La Soul. The iconic hip-hop trio has long struggled to get its first catalog on streaming services and digital retailers like iTunes. It looks like they have finally won the battle, but it seems like a Pyrrhic victory.

In a series of posts on Instagram and an appearance on Swing in the morning Yesterday, De La Soul announced that, although its full catalog is available for streaming and online buying, they are arguing with their former Tommy Boy Records for royalties. "We are not happy to publish our catalog in such unbalanced and unfair conditions," they wrote. "Your purchases will be at about 90% Tommy Boy, 10% of La."

Tommy Boy recently bought the rights to the De La catalog after the dissolution of a partnership with Warner Bros. Records. One of the reasons why Warner Bros. has never been listening music is related to the issue of samples – De La Soul recorded its beginnings in the Wild West era, a period that ended in part after the Turtles trial with De The Soul on an unclarified sample in 1989.

But it seems that Tommy Boy simply ignores all these problems of duplicate samples. "When we wondered if all the samples had been allowed for the continuous publication of our catalog, Tommy Boy felt that it would be best to go ahead with the publication and deal with all claims / lawsuits later, "wrote De La Soul on Instagram. . "Really … It's just not a good deal, we do not want to be sued."

"Do not feed the vultures, do not support and respect the culture. If you want to support De La Soul, copy the albums #grinddate and #anonymousnobody, "added De La Soul in another Instagram legend, before appearing to tease new music:" Soon: #delasoul @realpeterock and @djpremier 2019 !! ! Their Instagram messages and Swing in the morning interview below, with a message of support from Questlove.

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