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FROM THE WEEKEND: Roselyn Sanchez embarks on a "grand (hotel)" career change | National News Headlines

LOS ANGELES – When Eva Longoria called Roselyn Sanchez and offered her a role in the new series "Grand Hotel", Sanchez did not hesitate to sign.

"I was a big fan of the original," she says of the Spanish series adapted to American television. "And when I read the role, I thought to myself," Oh, yes, I understood it. One hundred percent. "

The role: The second wife of a wealthy hotel owner in Miami Beach. Although she does not necessarily hear with her stepchildren (or her children from birth, from elsewhere), Gigi Mendoza has strong ideas about their future. She conspires and plots with the best of them (think: Alexis Carrington) and is not afraid to say what she thinks.

In an early scene, she points out that her daughters are "fraternal" twins, not identical, because she obviously loves one more than the other. "As the series progresses, you'll understand the dynamics," says Sanchez. "The child (less popular) reminds her of her past and she does not know how to handle that. I think she loves both children, but she does not know how to direct love to them. "


The Mendoza family gathers for a grand wedding at the "Grand Hotel", a new ABC series.

Even worse, she has to face her husband's decisions. Demano Bichir, an Oscar nominee, is a proud man who does not always admit his faults. He also has a plan for the future of the hotel and the way he hopes to leave the company.

Sanchez says that Gigi "is like an eagle. She will cut you off if you play with her family. "

Because there are layers of employees, friends and associates at the Grand Hotel, there are plenty of prey. A wedding is underway in the new ABC series and Gigi clearly has ideas on how it should unfold.

Sanchez says that the key to his personality lies in his clothes. "Gigi is all about perfection. She wants to float above everything and the clothes are beautiful. "

To help convey the character's attitude, Sanchez worked with the costume designer and made a specific look for everyone – "It's not easy because it's a very big distribution. The female audience will realize that Gigi is very different from Roselyn. "

In movies and television for years, Sanchez met the executive producer of the "Grand Hotel", Longoria, when they were both associated with the cast of "L.A. Dredge. "

"I had never done anything and Roselyn was a movie star," says Longoria. "And she was like," Mom, do not let them put the camera on it. "Mom, always watch your light. "She taught me everything I knew, the only reason I'm here is because of Roz."

The two women were ready for the role that Longoria finally had for "Desperate Housewives". The creator of the series, Marc Cherry, remembered Sanchez when he wrote the series "Devious Maids".

"He said that he had written for a girl, Rosalyn Sanchez," said the 46-year-old actress. "And when I read it, I said," It's me. "The agents told her that Cherry did not want her," but I said I would go in. I told them, I am available. I just had a baby and I'm a bit tall but I can do it. "


The family counts for the "Grand Hotel". From left to right, Feliz Ramirez as Carolina, Roselyn Sanchez as Gigi Mendoza and Justina Adorno as Yoli.

Longoria, who also produced "Devious Maids," accepts and Sanchez embarks on a four-season series under the name of Carmen Luna, one of the main characters who wanted to solve the murder of a friend.

Thanks to the writers of the series, Sanchez was able to show an installation with comedy.

Earlier in her career, "I've been a cop, an FBI agent, and a lawyer … for a long time," she says. "Even though I had a strong accent, they gave me roles that you would not expect of me. But I did not become comical. Everyone said, "You are funny. You should do a comedy. "Devious Maids has changed everything."

Sanchez is currently working on producing his own English version of a Spanish original.


The "Grand Hotel" of ABC is played by Demian Bichir as Santiago Mendoza and by Roselyn Sanchez as Gigi Mendoza.

"I will love doing more with Spanish films and television but, because of their availability, I am not able to do it," she says. "To be appreciated in both markets is incredible."

"Grand Hotel," she says, could change even more the identity of her screen. But do not worry.

"Every time I get a new script, I do my homework," says Sanchez. "I have to be the antagonist, but I want people to get closer to her and make her human. Playing a vixen is easy. But I want to be the fox that people learn to love. "

"Grand Hotel" will air on June 17th on ABC.

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