Frost comments on the situation in Washington


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Scott Frost presented its first public comments on the off-road situation of Maurice Washington on Wednesday night.

"I've certainly learned a lot about it recently," Frost said during a radio appearance on Husker Sports Network. "I can not talk much about it, all I can tell you is that whenever there are accusations or accusations against our players, we will take it very seriously and cooperate with them. in any way possible with the people involved in this case. "

Washington is expected to return voluntarily to its state of California, its home country, at some point to face charges against him, although the dates of this act remain unclear.

Washington faces charges Last March, we sent a 10-second video about an alleged sexual assault of her former girlfriend, along with a crime complaint, because she owned and sent a video of a person under 18 years old at the time of registration.

Washington lawyer John C. Ball said, "These are two young people who used to be friends and friends in Grade 8, and their communications years later." Without all the facts, any judgment in this case is premature, and would be based solely on speculation and conjecture ".

In the field, the future student of Washington is considered one of the most exciting offensive weapons coming back to the Huskers in 2019. It is only this month that the problem out of the field was revealed to the general public after the publication of a report. from a news station of the Bay Area in California. A judge signed a warrant for Washington several days later.

"I will say that our Nebraska guys must understand that they do not just represent themselves, they represent their team, the sports department and the University of Nebraska," Frost said. "It's disappointing for me every time one of these – the team and the university – is badly presented, so I'm disappointed with everything, but I hope the process moves forward quickly and that clarifications are made on the subject ". we very soon. "

At the same time, Nebraska coaches will also try to understand what they have at the point of withdrawal.

With Devine Ozigbo Washington is the first producer in this position, although the Huskers are introducing more competition in the 2019 category, with Rahmir Johnson, Dedrick Mills and Ronald Thompkins should arrive this summer.

Thompkins is about to repair a serious knee injury, but is rebuilding himself in rehab. Mills already has experience in the FBS field, having been a novice at Georgia Tech, before spending time in the ranks of JUCO. Johnson is a speedster at Bergen Catholic High School in New Jersey who has accumulated 1,344 rushing yards as a senior.

"Running the race will be like a lot of our team's positions, I think we're going to be young," Frost said. "That poses some challenges, there are also advantages, if you expect a year, you should not lose anybody anymore, we're talking about losing, I think we could play the same guys for two years in a row. is hard to do in college football and I can not wait to see the evolution of this group. "

Frost believes that hindsight is also a field position where a freshman can sometimes help immediately.

Another name to mention in this conversation is Wan 'Dale Robinson, who is already on campus, although Mr Frost reiterated on Wednesday that Robinson would likely spend the majority of his time as a receiver in this offense.

"But we want him to be able to go into the backfield and do some things too," Frost said. "So, I think the depth will be better, I think the overall talent will be better at this position, we'll have to let everything go to see who the guy is or the guys that help us win games."

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