Full video of a small child, a lifeguard, raising a red and white flag in East Nusa Tenggara

Viral videos in the framework of Indonesian independence in atambua The NTT border with Timor Leste, a child who became a rescuer of the red and white saka, the little hero climbed onto the shaft where the most impactful string reached its peak … Indonesia 73rd #indonesia

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  1. Gila, gokil, keren, mantap jiwa gw bangga

  2. Gila gg lah kau nak wkwkkw gw yg nnton merinding

  3. wuii rekor baru,nih,, gw kelas tiga sd manjat tali putus cuman tiang 7 meter,,, itu aja untung gak putus sampe ujung,,,, goyangnya tiang masih berasa pe hari ini,,,,, salut brother,,,

  4. Muke gile tnggi bngt…trhnnya nyawa i2….hrs dberi apresiasi nich…

  5. Sang pahlawan…
    Salut… Sm km…