Fumble Luck, Chances of series and Chris Carson is he a superhero?


After a second consecutive victory, the Seahawks are 6-5 and will now finish the season with four of their last five home games, starting with the NFC West clash against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. But before we focus on this week's game, it's time to answer your fans' questions. As always, thank you to everyone who asked a question this week and apologize if I could not come to yours this time.

@ArabellaZucce1, a new Australian Seahawks fan, asks, "I'm still getting used to the NFL's conference / playoff structure. What are the odds for the Seahawks to qualify for the playoffs?

A: The Seahawks have yet to do their business for the next five games, but they certainly helped their luck a lot with their Carolina win on Sunday and their victory over the Packers the week before. At 6-5, the Seahawks are currently looking out, but they face the Vikings, another joker competitor, in Seattle in Week 14, and with victories over Dallas and Carolina to their credit, they would hold the breakage of equality. if they end up tied with one of these teams. Seattle also has the advantage of playing four of their last five home games. Once again, they still have a lot of work to do, but the Seahawks have positioned themselves well for their last two wins.

@ Teresa4ever12 asks, "How is K.J. Wright doing? Will he be ready for the Vikings?

A: Seahawks coach Pete Carroll did not say much about Wright on Monday, saying the linebacker "was still working on his rehabilitation. He has a process he is working on right now. As this question suggests for next week's game and not Sunday's fixture against San Francisco, Carroll's update does not look optimistic about this week's game, but we'll have to wait to find out more. either later this week or next week to learn more about this match against the Vikings. Good news for this post is that if Wright is not back for this Monday night game against Minnesota, the Seahawks could have Mychal Kendricks, who is allowed to come back from suspension this week.

@TablerDotCom asks, "What color is a mirror?"

A: I guess it depends on what's in front of the mirror, is not it?

@hamletmax asks, "Do you see a way for Rashaad Penny to involve more?"

A: Penny was in fact pretty involved in the two weeks leading up to Sunday's win in Carolina, scoring 12 goals against the Rams and eight times against Green Bay, totaling 154 yards in both games. Last week, Penny only had four races, but I feel like we would have seen more if the Seahawks had run better. But as Carolina was so determined to stop the race and Seattle compensated by throwing more often and with great success, there were not many delays to make.

Chris Carson is still the starter and will continue to have the most number of shots, but based on his game in the last few games, I think we'll see a good amount of Penny going from front to front as the Seahawks will be able to throw the ball.

@ grand_baldwin27 asks, "Did I see that in a few seconds, the Seahawks passed Bradley McDougald to safety and played against Delano Hill in strength?"

A: Unless I missed something (which is quite possible by watching the game, writing a story and telling a tweet about the game), I think what you saw, that's when the Seahawks opted for a dime, making Hill the third security with McDougald and Tedric Thompson. This is something the Seahawks have used a few times this season, usually to attract a better athlete to the field for coverage with the safety that replaces a linebacker.

"You get a field database for the coverage, agility and mobility change of this post," Carroll said about this set.

@JDJones31 asks, "Many superheroes have alliterative names: Peter Parker, Bruce Banner, Stephen Strange. Chris Carson gets back and naturally sticks to the 3-point landing of the superhero. Does Chris have a great secret that we do not know? "

A: I like this question a lot and I am also disappointed not to have already thought about making this observation. It was a pretty perfect superhero landing, and given the impression of this volley and landing, I will now start watching Carson to see if he's acting like someone who's hiding an alter ego fighting crime.

@DarleneDobson asks: "Seattle managed to force the fumbles against Carolina, but could not recover? How do they practice this? Is there a technique?

A: Yes, the Seahawks are training to pick up / drop on loose balloons, but there is still a lot of luck in recovering the breakaways given the rebounds that a balloon can take. And having an opponent fumble five times without recovering one is rather unlucky.

"There is teaching there," Carroll said. "There is really teaching there, especially in batteries. We criticized each one of them, if there was an opportunity here or there. They had some chance rebounds. They had very good jumps so they were lucky.

@AlexKures asks, "Seattle struggled to defend the race this year. What are they doing to prepare for the 49ers, who currently rank fifth overall? "

A: You're right that the Seahawks have yielded too many rinks on the ground this year, especially in recent times. The Panthers ran for 220 yards, the Rams for 149 and the Chargers for 160. In all these games, one The theme has been big games allowed, something that Carroll really wants to see his team clean up to move forward.

"We made a lot of mistakes," Carroll said of Seattle's final game. "This is disturbing because we are not a real complex system. I've talked a lot about discipline. It's an experience, you know. Playing this system without K.J. in the lineup – K.J played a lot (Carolina) and he and Bobby (Wagner), they really have complex roles and it's been revealed. There have been errors, misprints and things like that that have not happened in recent years, but I do not want to take anything away from (Panthers). These guys were on it. It was a good game plan they had: a good job with their quarterback and (Christian) McCaffrey. They did a great job. "


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