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Funcom Launches New Open World Dune Multiplayer Game

Several games in the works

The developer Funcom collaborates with Legendary Studios to develop a new open-world multiplayer title based on the dune series. Ready to enter pre-production this year, the game is the first in a series of several dune projects on which Funcom will work. The company has signed a six-year license agreement with Legendary and it seems that this first title will be released to promote the next director Denis Villeneuve. dune movie.

These new dune the titles will be published on the PC and the consoles, although no specific platform has been named. Considering the dune the film should not be released until next year, we could consider the PS5 and the Xbox Two (?) as the main platform. The games will probably see the stars of the film, including Dave Bautista, Stellan Skarsgard and Oscar Isaac.

I do not have a big story with the previous dune games but I really remember digging 2001 Emperor: battle for dune. I think it's a shameful disgrace that Westwood Studios let themselves go after creating such wonderful strategy games. Although I do not like the sound of an entry in multiplayer mode, I can only imagine that Funcom is actively seeking a way to bring back the RTS dune securities. Perhaps we could finally recover the lost legacy.

Funcom develops an open world multiplayer game based on the dune universe [VG 24/7]

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