Gabe Newell Confirms New Valve Games Under Development, Half-Life: Alyx Created “Momentum” For Single-Player Development

Gabe Newell

Valve president and founder Gabe Newell has confirmed that Valve is working on new games, and possibly single player.

In an interview with 1 News, Newell discussed staff interest in moving the company to New Zealand (as Newell had moved to his family home in 2020), as well as hosting tournaments for DOTA 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the country.

Once again, Newell was asked about the continuation of the Half life and Portal series. “I managed not to talk about these things for a long time and hope to continue not to talk about them until they are moot questions” Newell responded. “Then we’ll go to a new round of questions.”

“The good thing is that by not answering these questions, I prevent the community from coming up with new questions that are just as difficult to answer.” Newell was equally evasive about the supposed Citadel project, claiming he had no idea what the code name was. “Just to be clear – internally we have a bunch of different names and they change over time.”

However, Newell relented and said there were games in development and at least one of them could be a single player game thanks to Half-life: Alyx create “momentum” in the society.

“We definitely have games in development that we’ll be announcing – it’s fun to ship games.

[…] Alyx was awesome – being back for single-player games created a lot of momentum within the company to do more.

Newell also confirmed that he got some of his (in the words of 1 News) “Travel companions” in DOTA 2. Many employees are also in Apex Legends. Newell himself also played the Left for dead games, and trying to complete them on an expert, with a tower defense game Ancient planet.

Will any of these titles affect what Valve is working on next? Only time will tell.

Newell also expresses his sympathy for the situation CD Projekt Red found itself in. Cyberpunk 2077, and that it would be “It’s unfair to throw stones at another developer because it’s pretty amazing to come out with something as complex and ambitious as this one.”

He also explained that the Valve’s Index VR headset had production issues in New Zealand due to the takeover of other big companies. “The whole offer” vital components as soon as COVID-19 strikes.

“We actually have components that are made in Wuhan and when you set up your manufacturing lines it doesn’t occur to you that you are suddenly going to be dependent on that particular transistor that’s sitting on a board that you can’t. not have.

Everyone ended up running into the same problem at the same time – you go from ‘Oh, we’re great’ to ‘What do you mean Apple or Microsoft just bought the next two years just so they can win sure they won’t miss?

You went from a situation where everything was done just in time to people buying all the supplies available.

So the only thing stopping us from shipping to New Zealand at this point is making enough – we are very limited in terms of manufacturing.

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