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Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba discuss the accident on the set of L.A.'s Finest – Variety

Actresses Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba recounted how the horrific accident occurred during the shooting of their series of action cops "LA's Finest", as well as the team of the 59th Monte-Carlo Television Festival , Saturday. They also paid tribute to the main victim of the incident, the executive producer and co-host, Brandon Sonnier, whose leg was amputated below the knee.

In February, a waterfall car on the San Pedro, California, entertainment platform collided with a boarding container, which caused it to roll over Sonnier and co-host Brandon Margolis, who watched the waterfall scene. of car on a monitor in the video village. Sonnier's leg was stuck in the container and his foot was amputated because of the injury.

"L.A.'s Finest", the product produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, was renewed for a second season by Spectrum Originals on Friday.

In Monte Carlo, Union said, "I do not know if there is a word big enough to describe the feeling of production as a whole, that of everyone associated with the series. I do not know if saying it was "heartbreaking" or "devastating" enough.

"I do not have a word. With all my fancy degrees, I do not have a word big enough to describe what we are feeling.

"I think Brandon [Sonnier] led us. Uh … He was back on the sidelines of his kids' games after a week and a half, "said Union, her voice hanging up as she struggled to keep her emotions under control. "We were still like … and he was like," It's my new normal; get on board, guys.

Alba added, "A very active father for … yes, he is so resistant and inspiring. But when you go through something that looks like that, you see the type of family and community that surrounds you, and he and we all really united as a family, in a way that you never even realize until something like that happens.

"We sent SMS. They are excited for next season. They are already launching different things. We secure our crew. They send us text messages about it. He uses many emojis. Yes, he is so resilient.

"It's like, Ok, great, back in the writers room, who do we need, who's going to be permanent, what administrators do we need, are we going to start queuing …?"

Union added, "Like us, they also take their place at the table very seriously. He was like, "Guys, this is the new norm, and I want to make sure that as long as I have a seat at this table, I keep the door open and adopt my new standard. Let's get on with it, let's go ahead and who else can we afford this season: women directors, women directors, creating scenarios that touch even more communities. He directs and we follow. "

Union continued: "A loud cry to their Temple. They have a big village and we all folded, and we were all together in a production with their Temple family and we came together, and that's what we are as a production and who we are as people . But we were led by him and inspired by him. "

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