The Galaxy Buds is the third generation of Samsung's fully wireless Bluetooth headphones. It is on sale at $ 80 this weekend. Verizon sells both colors for $ 100 instead of $ 130, with an additional $ 20 discount available as a prepaid debit card.

To catch the Galaxy Buds at this price, you must first buy it for $ 99, then visit the Verizon Promotion Center and enter the code. SPEND99 with the date of purchase and the e-mail address at which you bought it. Once submitted, be on the lookout for an email from [email protected], who will ask you to present the client's receipt.

Once you receive the actual headphones, you can scan the receipt into the box and send it to get a $ 20 Verizon prepaid gift card (issued by Mastercard). The deal would apparently only work with guest orders and not for Verizon's customers (irony), and some people are having trouble checking on Firefox, so try another browser.

Scott reviewed the Galaxy Buds in March and was impressed by the full audio, the good battery life and the compact form factor of the case. We have already seen the Buds on sale for $ 100 before, but $ 80 marks a new low.