Galaxy S10, S10 + will come with the screen protector pre-installed

The Galaxy S10 is the 10th version of Samsung's flagship Android phone.
The Galaxy S10 is the 10th version of Samsung's flagship Android phone.

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Those who buy a Galaxy S10 or S10 + should not have to worry about paying extra for a screen protector. Samsung confirmed this week that its next flagship smartphones would come with a pre-installed.

"This decision was made to improve the overall customer experience through the increased durability of the screen and the full functionality of the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 + ultrasonic fingerprint sensor," writes Samsung.

However, if the pre-installed screen protector is scratched and you need it again, you will have to pay for it yourself. Although other built – in accessories such as the travel adapter, the USB connector and the AKG headset are covered by a one – year warranty, the screen protector does not charge it. is not, said Samsung.

A Samsung brand replacement screen protector will cost you $ 29.99. Samsung urges carriers and retailers to sell its screen protectors in their stores.

The tech giant said that it "can not guarantee" that traditional glass and polyurethane screen protectors will work with the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 + ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. . Do not forget this if you have to buy another one.

The Galaxy S10 is starting at $ 899.99, while the largest S10 + starts at $ 999,999. Both are available for pre-order now and are expected to arrive on March 8th. Sascha Segan, chief analyst for mobile phones at PCMag, had a first look at the handsets last week.

"The S10 units are not radically new, but as always, they are strong," he concluded. "The perforated screen is less irritating than a notch, especially on small units, which have the smallest hole.The colors are attractive and prices are, for the expensive mobile phone market, common . "

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