Galaxy Watch Active, Fit disclosed by Samsung in the update of the application


Samsung's accidental look at its new range of wearable devices.


Samsung has inadvertently unveiled its new range of portable devices in an update of its Galaxy Wearable app.

The leak, spotted for the first time by SamCentralTech, shows a 40-millimeter fitness-oriented smart watch called Galaxy Watch Active, apparent heir to Samsung's previous sports watch, the Gear Sport, which was launched almost 18 months ago. The list of new devices also includes two apparent fitness groups called Galaxy. In shape and Fit E. The name Fit E first appeared in a Bluetooth certification list spotted by The Android Soul last month.


Samsung unveils its range of new portable devices.

Steven Musil / CNET

The new products described in the update should be unveiled next week with the Galaxy S10.

The leak also seems to confirm that Samsung will consolidate all of its rumors Galaxy Buds wireless Earphones with pre-orders from Galaxy S10. A picture who fled last week showed what appeared to be wireless headphones, sitting in the back of what could be the future Galaxy S10 Plus and suggesting that they can be charged wirelessly from the phone.

The Galaxy S10, Samsung's new flagship handset, is expected to debut next Wednesday at February 20, Samsung's unpackaged event. At this point, we know pretty much all there is to know about the Galaxy S10, given the huge amount of leaks we have seen and the highly credible rumors heard.

Samsung did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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